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Shaving with intention


When it comes to personal grooming, we love to see the creativity come through – after all, body hair and the way we choose to style it is a form of self-expression. Whether you’re living the monobrow fantasy (jealous), finessing a great mustache or a clean-shaven queen, we love to see it all. However, shaving with precision and care is not always an easy (nor affordable) ride! Harry’s has created the solution. Their German-based factory has been sharpening world-class razors since 1920 and is now paving the way for blade craftsmanship at a sexy-ass price. It doesn’t just stop at the razor though! Harry’s also offers the whole shabang, with facial cleansers and lotion made with natural ingredients for your morning recharge. We all deserve to share our unique faces in exactly the way we choose – so why not start with a sickening shave? Offering subscriptions and single purchases, try Harry’s today at Harrys.com or even nip over to your local Etos.¬† We look forward to seeing your looks!

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… as well as their mission to fight for men’s mental health!

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Words by Grace Powell