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A four-part recipe for the upcoming melancholic months 


Milan’s infamous record candy store Serendeepity has blessed us with the medicine to make it through these gloomy months. In celebration of the stores’ ten-year-anniversary, Serendeepity is releasing a four-part compilation series of which the first edition, Ten Years Serendeepity Part 1, will launch this February on the 25th. It’s a release were gagging for, and NEEDS to be on your radar. 

In collaboration with some of their most cherished artists (hint hint: Ellen Allien, Egyptian Lover and San Proper), Serendeepity has got you covered for the upcoming 3 months. Proper’s Beauty starts strong with a gradual build of hip-hop beats that morph into the sturdy bassline midway we all seek. Gently pumping up our raving heartbeats, this teasing first track is the pre-drink that makes you thirsty for more. 

Volume 2 will be in your area before you know it, releasing on March 25th and the following editions respectively on April 29th and May 27th. The four-part compilation functions like a recipe composed of eclectic artists to help elevate your living room into a celestial rave space. The timing couldn’t be more serendipitous (? ), together the records truly form the much-anticipated antidote against dreary days and closed clubs. 

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Words by Brechtje Polman