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Sevdaliza Returns

“I fall seven times, I stand up eight.”

There’s nothing like the build-up to the release of an album from one of your favourite artists, then BINGE listening over and over until the love is truly embedded within your soul. Sevdaliza’s Shabrang brings exactly that. Released only three days ago, the icon herself has already racked up nearly 9 million streams on Spotify as she takes us on a journey through the subconscious through lyrical magic and melodic fantasies. Every track brings something different, heartfelt, and empowered, with the first single release Oh My God, certainly being (so far) our most obsessively played. Depicting the ongoing economic turmoil between the US and Iran, and the politicisation of her very being, Sevdaliza doesn’t hold back. Another absolute favourite has to be her re-interpretation of the Persian pop-classic, Gole Bi Goldoon. This track is hypnotic in its delivery, enticing you in with a heavy heart, meanwhile somehow, melting your mind into a deep realm of relaxation. Listen, love and release every and any emotion you have embedded within you. 2020’s been rough enough,  don’t deprive yourself of this wonder… 


Stream Shabrang now 

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Words by Grace Powell