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Sexyland World

Amsterdam’s nightlife has just been salvaged!

We can all finally let out a big sigh: Sexyland has survived the pandemic, and returned to our (c)raving hearts as Sexyland World. The cultural platform (and one of Amsterdams most inclusive party spaces) has undergone some rebranding and is back better than ever, situated at a cozy new spot in Amsterdam Noord, Noordwal. Upon our arrival, the creative hub – with all its different artists and subcultures – instantly feels like a safe space that’s inclusive and welcome for all.

The past year of the pandemic has made us loose our connectivity to cultural communities, as we did not have the opportunity to celebrate this either. Let that be exactly Sexyland’s essence! Thankfully, the revived Sexyland World makes you feel like Alice stepping into wonderland. Every room has a completely different vibe to the previous one, and the diversity in colours, designs, materials and atmospheres keeps us enticed and excited about every little corner. The new location has an impressive view of ‘t Ij, but that mustn’t let us get all too sluggish and cushy, hence why the OG inside club the RoXY is intentionally closed off and blocked from the view, so that we can all get more loose and release our inner beasts! In Sexyland World, your eye can infinitely wander, from artist Simon Wald-Lasowski‘s beer fountain to the bubblegum pink bar designed by Gert Wessels (an absolute showstopper, perfectly complemented with the infamous Dutch fastfood-built-in-wall right next to it).

Sociëteit Sexyland used to be a platform for all kinds of subcultures, from Lamyn Belgaroui’s boxing school and the  neighbourhood hairsalon FACE to Amsterdam’s first-rate Chinese restaurant Order Sichaun — a collocation between Order Collective, Etienne Memon, Joshua Hoogeboom, Jennifer Tenjing and restaurant Sichuan — as well as all other kinds of art initiatives. Whereas all these sexy subcultures used to coexist and pass each-other by without too much interaction, Sexyland World is a more interactive functioning organ, intentionally creating the opportunity for all kinds of parties to mix and mingle for an heightened social cohesiveness and warm experience!

As we work our way through each space, we come across the outdoor art bar Kippy — an innovative hommage to the German artist Martin Kippenberger by artists Arthur Stokvis and Bonno van Doorn — and art initiative Outsiderland, a concept sparked by photographer Jan Hoek. In Outsiderland, artworks from renowned artists (who, for example, have shown their work in The Stedelijk Museum) are exhibited next to artworks created by people with a mental or physical disability, dissolving any constructed hierarchal gaps and boundaries that take away from the essence of pure creation.

For some dreamy wandering around enriched with surprises and impressions, this has (and will always be) the right place. Sexyland World embodies a dreamy escape and hopeful initiative against all the restraining twists and turns this world is taking sometimes. The endgoal? To built a permanent residence for Super Sexyland World, an XL location where a mishmash of twenty different parties can reside amongst each other. Forever experimenting, Sexyland World is building a prototype for a new, inclusive and exciting future.

On the program are Kukru’s soulful Caribbean fusion kitchen, Amsterdam locals’ favourite hang-out spot Skatecafe, the experimental performance bar and many others. Check the full program on the website below!

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Words by Brechtje Polman