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The Silhouettes Project return

The sound of the summer?

The Silhouettes Project is more than just a collective; it’s a creative ecosystem flourishing in East London where emerging artists go to thrive. Through extensive collaboration, the group generates a sound that showcases the diverse range of new talent coming from the UK and beyond. In 2020, they released their self-titled debut album, which featured over 30 rappers and singers, including ENNY, Bel Cobain, and Kofi Stone.

Now, the Dalston-based family unit is back with their highly anticipated second album, “The Silhouettes Project, Vol. 2.” The album has listeners eagerly anticipating playing it on summer afternoons in the park with friends, a speaker, and a few drinks 😉  Effortlessly swaying between the worlds of Neo Soul, R&B, Jazz and Hip-hop… this is a record that essentially covers all bases for the perfect vibe. Featuring deep and heartfelt tales from rappers like Danny Sanchez and Jords, alongside infectious grooves on tracks like “Shade” and the standout soulful vocals of Tertia May on “Cheap Cigars.” This album will remind you that summer is around the corner and it’ll be a long hot one for sure <3


Words by Dexter Burningham
Images courtesy of the artist