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Sita Abellan

The IT girl of Instagram

Sita Abellan is the Instagram IT girl, who if you’re not already following, needs to be on your radar! The tastemaker, DJ and fashion-forward artist has been expressing her eclectic visions of aestheticism across the digital globe- transfixing her audience with all her endeavours. From techno to modelling to her newest jewellery line, Sita brings her all and this collection has us dancing in the Garden of Eden of her dreams. Sit back and take a walk with us through her creative voyage and inspirational staples.


Hey Sita, how is it going? 
Good, I’m happy with my family in Murcia having a small holiday.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself (to just say you’re multidisciplinary
feels like an understatement!)?
It’s hard to define what one type of artist I am. I don’t put limits to the ways I express
myself, and I love fashion and music. Both are my passions.

I am super excited about your new jewellery line; could you tell us about the
the inspiration behind it? 
The inspiration of the brand comes from Lilith herself, who was the first woman that
ever existed in the Garden of Eden. Her story really inspires me because she was
kicked out of the garden by God for not taking his orders. She seemed to be an
independent and strong woman making her own decisions. Apart from that, this new
collection is also inspired by the elements like the sun, the moon, and the sea.

The campaign images are gorgeous, how did you come to
journeying in this creative direction? 
I have always been inspired by the paintings of Dali, who is my favourite. But I also had
the help of my friend Filip Custic, who is an amazing photographer and artist. We both
worked on the creative direction of it and he made a piece of art.

Fashion is something which seemingly comes naturally to you- is it a world you have always been a part of?
Since I was a kid, I have always been interested a lot in fashion. For me, dressing up is my main way of expressing myself and having fun. It really depends on how I

In what ways do you use fashion to represent who you are?
I think fashion occupies a big space inside of me, and as I said before, it’s one of the
ways I express myself, so it’s really important for me. But at the same time, I see
fashion as art and I have a lot of respect for it.

Instagram is  where you truly show us your LOOKS, how does this
platform serve you creatively?
I have always used Instagram to document the looks I wear every day because I enjoy
making memories of them. At the same time, Instagram also allows me to find artists
and people from all over the world who inspire me. I find a lot of references from
Instagram and through it I found a lot of people who inspire me that are now my

You are also fully immersed within the techno scene,  how do your creative mediums influence one another?
I think my fashion inspires my music and vice versa. Fashion occupies a big space
inside of me and so does music. I really enjoy connecting with people through music,
especially techno because that’s the kind of music I like most.

Being a staple of the underground, how has this community embraced you and taught you as an artist?
I have always found inspiration from the underground scene. I came into it really
organically – the techno scene was a big part of my life growing up. Creatively talking,
and probably without the aim of gaining something. When people are authentic, that’s
all which counts for me.

You have a lot of amazing (and crazy beautiful) things in the works. What do you hope to be in your future going forward?
In my future, my dream is to live in the middle of the forest, near the sea, with my family
and my kids, and still working on my brand and my music.

Photography by Mudi.

Styling by Sita Abellán

Digital Art by Filip Custic

Sponsored by STEELO Style LTD.

Lilith S/S 2020 available online today!

Words by Grace Powell