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Sixty years of glory

Dr. Martens 1460 boot recently served us with a (big) b’ day and we’re here to celebrate!

When it comes to the shoe-staples lined up in our closets, most of us can account for a sandal, a trainer and a Dr. Martens. The boots are in a category of their own, a stand-alone legacy with little to no competition since the day they were created. The just-right-boot was history in the making from its conception; originating in Germany, birthed in England, and reclaimed in post-war Britain. Today, the boot continues to live up to this legacy as the utilitarian shoe of champions as it takes on cultural twists and turns whilst its core (1460) remains. 

The boots we are still rocking today were actually founded by non-other than the German doctor, Klaus Märtens, who served in the army during World War II against the very country the boots are now famous for. This army credential turns out to be pretty damn important, as it was after finding his standard, army-issued boots were not up to scratch that he decided to pimp them up! He ditched the dreary and replaced the boots with soft leather and an air padded sole, rocking up to the barracks with some extra fresh creps. Once good old Klaus had his friends in envy, and co-worker in query, he set to get his boot on the market anyway he could.  


Now, he may have been a style icon, an army doctor and a generally practical thinker, but a businessman Klaus was not.  After menial success selling the shoe on his own, it was his pal Herbert Funk (sick name, we know.) who got the project up and running and sales through the roof. The shoes were then bought by English manufacturer R. Griggs and redesigned as we know them today; Air cushion sole, yellow stitching and easy lace-up. The boots subsequently went on a wholly unexpected journey of their own, venturing from housewives to punks to skinheads alike. One thing was for sure, everyone was on board.

The 1460 shoe has taken more twist and turns than dear doctor Klaus could ever have ever expected, and it is this history of re-invention and restoration which Dr. Martens still holds onto today. This decades twist, however, is the ‘1460 Remastered’ project. In celebration of their rich history, leading to their 60th birthday, Dr. Martens is sticking to its roots and letting the world put their own stamp on the shoe. Over the next 12 months, 12 collaborations have been lined up with artists, designers, and creatives galore! So far, we have seen Raf Simons, Hello Kitty and BAPE’s rendition of the legacy boot and after stunning with their khaki, camo vibe, we are excited to see what’s left to come! There’s no such thing as too many of your favourite staples (especially when they’re as fly as hell), so keep a beady eye out and don’t let a new-wave pass you by. 


For new collab updates check-up at Dr. Martens online. 

Words by Grace Powell