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Sounds that propel you into the future

Rewire Festival announces the latest additions to a blazing line-up.


Experimental electronic music festival Rewire has just dropped new additions to their blazing line-up, with artists that will bring the future. So, brace yourself for the following (femme) deities. First up are some of the most progressive pioneers of pop and electronic music right now. One of them is performer, DJ, producer and Instagram Story talk show hostess, Arca. Her sound, as you hopefully already know, is characterized with hyper-modernity, distorted synths and angelic vocals, balancing you on the edge between heaven and hell. The other trailblazer is our lovely cover girl, SOPHIE—a DJ, producer and songwriter in one—whose hyperkinetic pop songs make your heart race faster and faster and faster.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Eartheater will also be joining the festival with her freshest live show, which promises to be a visceral, emotive and otherworldly experience. Apart from her solo performance, she will get together with English artistic duo Semiconductor to present one of Rewire’s special projects, ”Fracture Patterns”; an invigorating dive into the upcoming elements of “noise”.  Last, but definitely not least, is Bbymutha, a rapper who redefines outdated notions surrounding sexuality and motherhood. The MC and role model does not shy away from experimentation in any shape or form, and proves that mothers can still kick some ass.

All these go-getters and their lightning-strike energy got us so hyped up it’s almost daunting that there is more to come. This is truly just the tip of the iceberg, so head over Rewire’s website to see the full line-up.

Rewire Festival

3—5 April, 2020

The Hague, The Netherlands



Words by Glamcult



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