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Spiritual Urgency

A must-see exhibition exploring the relevance and necessity of spirituality

On show until April 10th, Spiritual Urgency is the exhibition championing young, interdisciplinary artists at the renowned Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Building a narrative upon four themes of spirituality, this exhibition can be seen as a close look into not only the subject but the artist themselves, and their personal development. Today’s world is complex and too often definied by our differences, and so, in reaction to this, Spiritual Urgency builds a connection between alternative belief-systems and artistic hierarchies; sharing the work of artists such as Kandinsky and Yves Klein, alongside the contemporary faces on the scene.  Cutting-edge and freedom-bound, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam’s Spiritual Urgency is an exhibition we urge you to experience, so check-out our must-see list of artists featured! 

Asma Elbadawi

Asma Elbadawi is the Sudanese-British spoken word poet known not only for her artistry but also her activism. Elbadawi first became recognised for her career as a basketball player and a coach, when she petitioned for the International Basketball Association to remove their ban on hijabs and religious headwear within the professional sport. Her artistry evokes a dialogue between identity, freedom and spirituality.  Check out Where the blue and White Nile meet, alongside a collection of her latest visual art twhich will be exhibited within the exhibition.

Marlou Fernanda

Recently seen within the pages of Harpers Bazaar, Marlou Fernanda’s artworks are celebrated for their emotive liveliness and storytelling qualities. Spanning many creative disciplines, Fernanda’s work lies not only within the medium of painting but also in performance art and set design. However, it is her strong Curaçaon and Brazilian culture that rings true within everything she does. Describing her canvas’ as ‘a piece of me’, Fernanda lays it all out and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable within her practice.


Nick Verstand 

Nick Verstand is an audiovisual contemporary artist harnessing not only the art scene but also a multitude of nightlife spaces. Verstand can be understood as a researcher of human perception, creating installations and live performances that set out to break down boundaries and social expectations. Described as an ‘intuitive’ and ‘spiritual’ experience, Verstand’s work brings a whole new meaning to the concept of spirituality; one that is both hypnotising and meditative in nature.

Shertise Solano 

Rotterdam-based, Caribbean artist Shertise Solano is a multimedia artist whose creativity first began within the world of acting and theatre. Today, combining these disciplines with visual art, Solano’s diverse use of materials and collages has become widely praised in the Dutch art scene. Described to be a creator of ‘magic’ and somewhat ‘beyond the tangible’, Solano takes themes of identity, spirituality, gender and the body and builds a world of her very own.

Sophie Steengracht

Creating universes filled with the delights of animals, plants, water, planets and more, Sophie Steengracht’s work examines the relationship between nature and humanity. To say she is inspired by the beauty of nature feels like an understatement, rather, she encompasses it within the artwork.

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by courtesy of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam by Aad Hoogendoorn & Victor Wennekes

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