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Stedelijk Museum Schiedam presents Ekstasis LIVE*

* A Sensorial Evening

Jan van Munster, Edged Circle, 2017.
Peter Struycken, Wetmatige beweging van vorm en kleu, 1965
Foto Aad Hoogendoorn

Step into the immersive experience of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam’s Ekstasis, where you’ll embark on a sensory journey. This is not your traditional museum visit; it’s a transformative exploration of a vibrant, multisensory realm. On the evening of December 8th, Ekstasis breaks free from convention, offering a dynamic program that brings the exhibition to life. You can expect live music, captivating performances, and the opportunity to meet the artists in person, making it an unforgettable evening of artistic engagement.

Prepare for an enchanting evening beginning with the art installation, Komorebi, crafted by the talented duo, Dieter Vandoren and Matteo Marangoni. As you step into this captivating landscape, you’ll be greeted by delicate, light-sensitive sound creatures in the courtyard. The experience continues with captivating performances by Anni Nöps & Casimir Geelhoed, engaging your senses in a multisensory journey. To heighten the immersion, DJ Zeta Lys is bringing her melodic soundscapes and ambient music. As the grand finale, there will be a hypnotic and immersive spatial adventure curated by Nick Verstand, who not only serves as the curator but is also a featured artist in the exhibition.

This live performance serves as the grand finale to an exhibition that will be open until January 14, 2024. The exhibition is curated by art historian and curator, Sanneke Huisman, in collaboration with Nick Verstand, a friend of Glamcult. Staying true to the evening’s thematic identity, the exhibition brings together a diverse group of talented artists, all inspired by the interplay of light and sound. Visitors to the exhibition will step into an immersive world where art, sound, and light harmoniously blend, creating an experience of elements that promises to be an unforgettable journey for all.

Heleen Blanken, Abiosis, 2023. Foto Aad Hoogendoorn

Nick Verstand, Liquid Logic, 2017

7a Jan van Munster, Cirkels, 1972, 2’38”, gedigitaliseerd van 16mm film. Collectie_LI-MA, Amsterdam

Ekstasis LIVE *
* A Sensorial Evening
December 8th, 2023
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Ekstasis. A universe of light and sound
15 July 2023 to 14 January 2024
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