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“A long beautiful mess”

With STONE ISLAND PRESENTS AMSTERDAM only three days away, the anticipation has officially kicked in. The event, held at the renowned Muziekgebouw this Thursday (14th July), is set to be a musical extravaganza hosting names such as Binker & Moses, Blackhaine, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Haron, Romy, and … the incredible Elena Colombi. The Amsterdam-based DJ is known for spearheading the scene. As a mood-maker, vibe-hustler and label founder, she is certainly one to watch and one we cant wait to see. Celebrating the night to come, we spoke with Colombi about her music, manifestations and thoughts on Amsterdam’s scene. Don’t forget to sign up and join us for the event here (tickets are free (+1 free drink)), and see ya there!

Hey, how are you today?
I’m very well, thanks! Currently travelling to Paris for a show.

Thank you for speaking with me – I was so excited to see your name on the STONE ISLAND PRESENTS AMSTERDAM lineup! If we begin with your craft… How would you describe your sound?
From Post-Punk to Jungle via Leftfield Techno and Spoken Word.

Your sets are explorative in nature. What inspired this fluid attitude towards creating?
Ongoing nomadism and curiosity.

And what has your journey to this point looked like?
A long beautiful mess.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
I had a few. I survived!!

Are there any other sub-genres and cultures to music you love that are underrated?
Mongolian throat singing.

You have played many places! What makes you excited about performing next Thursday for STONE ISLAND PRESENTS AMSTERDAM ?
I’m excited to play at Muziekgebouw for the first time and curious to see the other acts!

… And what can we expect to hear from you?
I really don’t know!!! Come and see I guess?!

Who are you most excited to see in the line-up?
Blackhaine and Haron.

In your opinion, what makes the Amsterdam music/nightlife culture so special?
I moved to Amsterdam only a few months before the pandemic, so my knowledge of its nightlife is very limited… However, I can give good tips on independent cinemas, as they were open on and off when everything else was closed. If anyone’s interested feel free to DM me. 😉

Final question, what are you manifesting for the summer of 2022?
Between summer and autumn, I hope: a brand new home!!!

Thursday the 14th July (7 pm – 1 am)
Amsterdam Muziekgebouw
Register, and join in the fun here.
Tickets are FREE (+ 1 free drink)