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Stone Island Sound are coming to Amsterdam and tickets are for free! ?

STONE ISLAND SOUND: a project that began in 2020, and has continued on, carrying with it the mission of supporting independent artists as they go. Having released playlists, record premiers, sound systems and more, the next step in their playbook is a stunning curation of live events… a night which is making its way to Amsterdam next week! The music scene here in ‘dam is ever-evolving and growing, it is integral to our communities and creative exploration – so when Stone Island Sound says they’re ready to up the anty, looking at this line up — they mean it. Taking place this Thursday, 14th July at the renowned Muziekgebouw, five performances are coming our way from trailblazers of sound. These acts are changing the game and taking us on a journey of discovery whilst doing so. Featuring  Binker & Moses, Blackhaine, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Elena Colombi, Haron and Romy (yes from The XX), it’s time to get out your dancing shoes and pull up to the cacophony of beats we are set to fall into. Now, here’s the kicker. Not only is the event the one to watch, but it is also free. And you can register and join in on the fun on EVENTBRITE today! In celebration of this event, GLAMCULT has teamed up with the folks over at STONE ISLAND SOUND, deep-diving into the performers and the very night itself. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the setlist…


Binker Golding and Moses Boyd are the new faces of London-based jazz. Intersecting the sounds of traditional jazz, hip-hop, electronic, Caribbean rhythms and so forth, the pair are the very meaning of experimental sound. Having first seen them perform and the iconic Jools Holland, we haven’t yet looked away — reaching into both their new work and their archives. Falling in a deep trance for their second album, Journey to the Mountain of Forever, they have since released live records and continue to “feed the machine” of experimental electronics. To see the duo live will be an honour, and an experience we can’t wait to delve into.


UK-based connoisseur of Noise and Drill, Blackhaine feeds all our nightlife cravings. Focusinnging on “the transition from stomach knotted dread to exhaustive, prang-out negative ecstacy”, it’s hard to explain it any better than the man himself. Music is political – Blackhaine knows this – experimenting with the past, the present and deconstructing our future. Want to hear more? Listen to his previous work, And Salford Falls Apart here.

There is a vast amount of topics and conversations Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul are not afraid to handle within their music. Evoking dialogue through sound, they tackle subjects of cultural appropriation, misogyny, racism, social media vanity, post-colonialism and political correctness through their songs. Not something you’re used to on the dancefloor? We neither, at first, but 2 tracks into our first gig of theirs and we were dancing, singing and shouting as no one could stop us. Breaking onto the scene in 2019, they haven’t looked back – continuing to share their thoughts, philosophies and stories with their audience.


Elena Colombi is the Amsterdam-based DJ spearheading the scene. Stepping up with the eclectic energy and open-minded sounds, Colombi is a mood-maker, and vibe-hustler taking us all under her wind and to the dancefloor. Colombi has also recently founded her own label, created with the goal to “provide a home for future-facing music”, with a beady eye on “forward-thinking experimentation and abandon”. Her sound is sultry, deep and dominating — and an experience we are ready to re-experience.

A familiar face on the Amsterdam scene, Haron is known for his exceptional taste and selection of tracks. With an impeccably diverse taste, Haron is a collector, and disco, soul, house (and everything in between) is his find. If you weren’t already up and dancing, Haron knows just the trick.

The xx co-founder is a force in her own right. Having catapulted to notoriety, writing for both The xx, Mark Ronson, Jehnny Beth, Benny Blanco and more, she is now honing her skills and producing work for herself. Having DJ-ed since the tender age of 17 (at a gay club in Soho no less), Romy is back on the club grind and bringing that energy with her to Amsterdam. Knowing how to get a crowd up and moving is a kill — one Romy has mastered with honours!


Thursday the 14th July (7 pm – 1 am)

Amsterdam Muziekgebouw

Register, and join in the fun here.

Tickets are FREE (+ 1 free drink)