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Summer Evenings at Nederlands Fotomuseum

Café, Parijs, 1950-1954 – Nederlands Fotomuseum / © Ed van der Elsken

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the iconic Nederlands Fotomuseum is marking the occasion with an exquisite anniversary programme! This summer is all about the joys of photography through a series of exhibitions, talks, performances, and nights of music and creative conquests. Introducing incredible guests, from legendary photographers to inspirational speakers, activists, choreographers and all-around artists, the line-up is memorable and a must-have on your calendars. Running through July and August, between 6-10 pm, the evenings will take place at Nederlands Fotomuseum (Statendam 1 Rotterdam). And to honour this occasion, Glamcult will be giving away 20 free tickets to an evening of your choice, where to win you must be one of the first to use our promo code at checkout: ZMR20GLM45! Check out what tickles your fancy below! The four nights each offer a unique take on the current contemporary climate of photography, alongside exploring the creative cultural realms we currently live within. 

Man, more than a myth

Thu 13 July, 6 – 10 pm

Societies, Document Nederlands, Rijksmuseum, Rotterdam, 2018 © Stacii Samidin

Asking the (very real) question: Are men aware of how the world views them? Man, more than a myth, is an exploration into the world code-of-conducts that exist for both men and women… and if men are at all aware these conducts exist. Looking into the media’s portrayal of men (largely, through the lens of photography), this evening’s discussion will be hosted by photographer Ahmet Polat, who will be discussing the subject matter alongside fellow photographer Vaderlads Marwan Magroun, actor Romano Hayes, and renowned psychiatrist Glenn Helberg to talk about the themes of ‘frames’, ‘boundaries’, ‘fatherhood’ and those existing between different cultural backgrounds. The night will also feature a performance by Zaïre Krieger and a soulful musical accompaniment by DJ Soulfania and later, Djocy Santos. To get your tickets, and learn more about what the excitement is all about, click here! 


Who owns the street?

Thu 27 July, 6 – 10 pm

Agniesbuurt, Rotterdam, 1980 © Maria Toby

Whether you love it, hate it, or are here to learn more, there’s no conversation starter quite like the genre of street photography. A unique form of photography, where the context though in many ways extraordinarily explicit still remains a mystery to many: “But can you actually just photograph people?” “What about privacy?” And… “What about objects in public spaces?” Bringing to the evening photographer and skateboarder Marcel Veldmen (alongside X), Who owns the street? Will delve into the meaning and matter of street photography, alongside a performance by Freestyle footballer, Guido. Learn more and get tickets here! 

Artificial Intelligence, enrichment or replacement?

Thu 10 August, 6 – 10 pm

Efficiencybeurs, Kofferschrijfmachines © Kors van Bennekom / Nederlands Fotomuseum

In a climate where we all have a constant camera in our pockets, everyone has the capacity to become a photographer. Obviously, this isn’t always the outcome, yet the fear of a mass takeover has plagued the industry since the formation of social media apps such as Instagram. Now, there’s a new player in town, AI. With the recent advancements within the landscape of artificial intelligence, there’s a flurry of new questions to be asked, and some of them can go directly to the source! For more information about Artificial Intelligence, enrichment or replacement? Check it out here. 

Visible traces

Thu 24 August, 6 – 10 pm

De Handelskade, Willemstad, Curaçao, 1888 – 1890 © Fotostudio Soublette et  Fils

In commemoration of Slavery Memorial Year, the Nederlands Fotomuseum within the Summer Evenings has decided to honour this theme, engaging with a conversation about slavery, and its relation to the Fotomuseum’s own collection. Within this, they will host a “themed route”, which makes visible the traces that have been left behind within society taking the audience through the Hall of Fame of Dutch Photography. Guiding the evening, curator of the museum Guinevere Ras alongside Nyanga Weder of the National Museum of World Cultures will take part in a talk with photographer Angela Tellier about the ultimate effects the Netherlands’ colonial heritage has had on photography. Alongside this talk, dancer and choreographer January Leocaria will perform Sugar Coated; an ode to her ancestors and her personal connections with slavery. To join this evening, tickets are now available here. 

13 July, 27 July, 10 Aug and 24 Aug 2023

6 pm – 10 pm

Nederlands Fotomuseum

Statendam 1 Rotterdam

Entrance is €7 / €4 for young people up to and including 24 years and students

Want to win a free ticket? Be one of the first 20 to use the code ZMR20GLM45 at checkout!