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The virgin suicides

Heaven is calling

2020 brought many things, some good (mostly bad), however, on the fashion scene, it was the birth of Marc Jacobs’ sister-brand Heavn that changed the game. Described as “a gateway into the sprawling and enigmatic omniverse of Marc Jacobs subversion”, the punkier, London-esque counterpart has proven to be the antidote to high fashion’s untouchability for the twenty-something spearheads.

Yesterday, the brand dropped its newest campaign, a reverence to Sofia Coppola‘s 1999 movie, The Virgin Suicides. The collection is certainly a nod to the y2k frenzy of our time, featuring mesh long-sleeve shirts, cropped embroidered tops, mini skirts and a printed midi-skirt featuring a scene from the movie we HAVE to get our hands-on.

The campaign, as always, was shot by the incredible Harvey Wier and sported by London’s it-girl Georgia Palmer.

Check out the collection here, and stay up-to-date with Heavn’s paradisiacal pieces.

Images courtesy of Marc Jacobs Heavn

Words by Grace PowellĀ