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The designers of tomorrow

KOMONO X Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Let’s all give a quick cheer as KOMONO has renewed their partnership with the fashion departments and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and good lord, to say these are some of the designers of the future feels like an understatement! The collection has taken three masters student’s designs (which are based upon their personal work and aesthetic) and created the sunglasses of tomorrow. The results are RESULTS as the bold collection reveals a fresh, innovative vision, feeding out eagerness for what these creators will bring in the future. Check them out and keep reading for  

The first design has been created by Annemarie Saric and is inspired by the aerodynamics of cars in the 70’s. Though inspired by the past, Saric has created a futuristic, virtual look that will have the folks on mars gagging. The glasses are also made out of vintage car pieces, giving that authentic, sculptural look. 

Extreme delicacy is for sure some type of oxymoron, but somehow Widecka has created just that. These glasses are strutting pure extravagance, building structures in a whole new way. Inspired by Mexican religious art and drowning in symbolism, Widecka sets the bar at extravagant.

Now, this is a whole other vibe. Leitner has created an acid trip in sunglass form. This psychedelic design is inspired by 60’s art creating a liquified, distorted effect. You can see some strong Peggy Guggenheim vibes in this pair, and by creating the avant-garde of the sunglass world Leitner has certainly succeeded. 

The collection will be available to the public on July 2nd and a portion of the proceedings will be going to NGO Survived and Punished, a US organization aiding survivors of domestic and sexual violence who have been targeted/incarcerated by law enforcement. 

Also, if you’re after something even more exclusive, you can also enter the auction on July 1st where each student will release 1 exclusive colorway pair. The proceedings of the highest bid will also go to the above charity. 



Go deeper into the collection here! 

Words by Grace Powell