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The evolution of art, as MoMA opens its doors

MoMA is offering free online classes; expand your cultural sphere and boost the IQ

During this time, many of us have turned to art as a safe-haven, whether it be through movies, tv shows, books, painting and more. The evolution of the art-world is an immense one, to say the least, and this time sure is one for the history books!  Art has developed from being a survival-based medium to a canonized one, and then back to today’s world, where again, it feels necessary for our self-isolated-sanity. The canon has begun to open with this new age of digital art galleries, bringing us the freedom of knowledge and allowing us to explore and learn what our finances may not have previously allowed.  

One of the contributors to this repertoire is The Museum of Modern Art in New York (commonly known as MoMA). Opening its digital doors to the world, MoMA is now offering free online courses on art, photography and fashion. Get ready to dive into the heart of the contemporary art world, asking the deeper philosophical questions of ‘What is Contemporary Art?’ There’s no time like the present to expand that cultural sphere and get the IQ pumping as you learn from the masters themselves. Entirely online-based, get involved and check our MoMA’s free online courses now! 



Image courtesy of MoMA

Words by Grace Powell