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The Highland Harpy

A visual essay by Alina de Groot, and story by Moritz Hädelt

Dress Zora Hamers, necklace Alex Gasparis , earrings Martina Turini

Neither of the armies of both empires could achieve victory in their battle in the No man‘s land. In the wake of both sides’ temporary withdrawal, a semi-autonomous state has been established, leaving the mostly swamp-covered land to its beings. This largely unexplored land serves as a reservoir for all misunderstood creatures.

One of the beasts living in No man‘s land is the highly hostile harpy. At first glance, she might look approachable but that impression is a delusion to lure in victims to feed her freshly born infants. The Highland Harpy uses her sharp claws to Kill all her victims. She adapts her appearance to the season. The winter season is a particularly difficult season.

Here, she needs to make a fatal decision. Which of her infants is going to be sacrificed for the family to survive the hard winter? This gives her a vile reputation: The mother that takes instead of gives. 

Dress Dilara Astam, headpiece Puer Parasitus

Dress Dilara Astam

Earrings & necklace Martina Turini

Earrings & necklace Martina Turini

Art direction & Styling Moritz Hädelt

Photography Alina de Groot 

Set Design Rosa Kater

Styling Assistant Beka Gardava 

Hair Styling Konrad Lucas 

Make-Up Artist Piper Klappe

Nail Artist Samuel Does 

Casting Bogdan Romanovic 

Model Alice Lylo  @ NINGTM