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The many tastes of Carista

Ahead of the DJ’s very own Jäger Music night, we gathered the stories shaping her path to stardom.

She’s a selector we’ve been raving on about (and with) for a while now­­—and we just can’t stop. Carista, queen of lifting up dancefloors around the world with infectious, eclectic and heartwarming sets. This Saturday, invited by Jäger Music, the talent returns to her hometown of Utrecht, the Netherlands, for The Taste Of Carista. In the city’s most exciting club, WAS., you’ll get to experience not only the art of the DJ herself, but also that of her friends and musical acquaintances. Having recently spoken to Carista for our Rave Revolution series, Glamcult set out to get to know Carista once more—this time, however, through the eyes and ears of her kindred spirits.

Guido van Dieren aka Thelonious

Can you describe your first encounter with Carista?

Years ago we offered Carista her first DJ-gig at BIRD Rotterdam after she won a mixing competition. To be honest she wasn’t technically the best (yet), but her record selection—as well as positive energy and attitude—made all the difference.
Where do you hope to see Carista go in the future?

I can only see her grow; the attitude, boldness and vibes are all there. Carista is eclectic in a way we don’t often get to see. Also, she’s loyal to her own taste.

Ghamte Schmidt aka Lentini

Which Carista experience will you never forget?

There’s a lot of moments I could recall from the rollercoaster ride of the past three years, but her first Lowlands gig really jumps out. Everything was right, Carista set the Hacienda on fire—despite being incredibly nervous minutes before her set. To see her flip that switch and witness what she is able to do was too sick. Afterwards she came down the stairs and asked: “How was it? Ok, right?” The crowd was still loudly cheering.

Is there a track you feel really characterizes Carista?

One that she perhaps doesn’t even play or doesn’t come back in her sets… For me, Anita Baker’s Good Love spells out Carista. Aside from the fact we both love this unsung hero who’s often forgotten, the track talks about a kind of love and ambition that transcends time. I feel Carista embodies a pure, sincere love of music and she strives to express this love in the best possible way. Any time, any place.

What defines the taste of Carista?

She is able, through any genre, to find and offer connections that feel warm and inviting. Hence the title of her mixtape, Modern Intimacy. Through a mix of old and recent sounds Carista creates this new form of intimacy.

Ingi Visions

What makes a Carista set unique?

The energy and groove!

Is there one track that really characterizes Carista?

To be honest, I think she’d answer this best herself. But in our eyes, a good match is Henry Wu’s Deep in Mudd with Hardhouse Banton… contemporary jazz grooves from London with just the right dose of energy.

Tala Drum Corps

Can you recall an unforgettable Carista experience?

The moment I immediately think of is running into Carista at a hardware store shortly after her Boiler Room debut… she was looking for a water boiler because her previous one had just broken down. To this day I regret not making a joke about a wrecked boiler room.

Which track makes you think of Carista?

When I think of Carista, I think: breaks, funky, groove-driven, acid… that’s why I’m choosing this track by DJ Donotaks (and it’s even a production from Utrecht!):

What sets the taste of Carista apart?

I love seeing how she establishes a dynamic that transcends genre. The way she brings together Childish Gambino with Larry Heard and then moves into UK funky is crazy, right?

Alberta Balsam

Could you describe (the taste of) Carista?

She can’t be captured in one term and definitely won’t be boxed in. Carista’s sets tell you she’s a true music lover; she simply plays the tracks she digs. Also, she’s incredibly open and supportive. Despite her busy schedule she invests in rising talent, involving the people in her events in which she believes. She’s not just working on her own success, and that’s rare in this industry.

What do you hope the future has in store for Carista?

I hope that, as a DJ, she keeps skyrocketing. But also that her label, United Identities, will keep growing and become a household name such as, for instance, XL Recordings.

The Taste Of Carista
Saturday 22 June, 2019
WAS. Utrecht


Words by Glamcult
Photography by Desiré van den Berg
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