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The NIGHT Issue: Generation Glamcult

It’s time to buckle up and get obsessed

This season’s Generation is more than just a showcase, it is a true celebration of the Glamcult community. Every issue we try and capture the emerging visionaries around us to offer a platform for everyone’s voice. In the spirit of our 20 yr anniversary, we brought together a very special group that really represents Glamcult’s Worldwide Underground. So it’s time to buckle up and get obsessed because here is the NIGHT issue’s generation.

Meet BIKÔKÔ, the soulful R&B and Neo Soul vocalist coming from the vibrant city of Barcalona. In 2021, she unveiled her self-produced debut EP, Aura Aura, which has since become the canvas for her artistic journey. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, as well as embracing the traditions of Tanzanian chanting and the rhythms of West Africa, Bikôkô’s unique blend of influences shines through. Her initial EP, featuring beloved tracks such as Feel Like, served as an entrancing introduction to her multifaceted artistry. Alongside the EP, she captivated us with a visual medley directed by the talented  Harry Bowley, which continues to haunt mood boards to this day. Following this initial success, Bikôkô has continued to make significant strides within her artist journey, working with brands such as LOEWE, and performing on some of the biggest festival stages in Spain, to releasing her latest EP, Destiny. Today, you will find Bikôkô on the lively streets of London, where she proclaims to have immersed herself in the British music scene; developing a new sound amongst the fusion of West African influences and underground electronic music.

Introducing LOZEAK, the captivating and charming young alt-pop sensation. This remarkably talented twenty-year-old has already achieved some remarkable milestones, having already completed her first solo tour, supporting OG bands like Bring me the Horizon, and killing it on more festival stages than we thought possible. Her debut single, Word Vomit, has garnered over one million streams, firmly establishing her as part of the exciting new wave of punk-inspired pop artists alongside the likes of Ashikko and Jazmin Bean, with a hint of Kim Petras. Lozeak describes her musical journey as shaped by her diverse range of influences, from Paramore and Slipknot to the original ‘quirky girl’ of mainstream music, Katy Perry. However, her path to public recognition wasn’t without its challenges, leading to the emergence of her alter-ego: Lozeak, created as a form of armour against the online trolls and challenges of the music industry. Navigating the sometimes daunting journey of adulthood, Lozeak describes her early moments of wrestling with the challenges of discerning whom to trust. However, amid the pressures of conforming to others’ expectations, she’s learned the invaluable lesson of trusting her instincts and embracing her true self. With her recent switch from red to blonde hair and the subtle hints of an evolving sound, we are eagerly looking forward to her upcoming music releases this year.

KENZA LATRIDES is a young designer who is single-handedly developing her playful and ethical fashion brand. Having studied in the Netherlands, Latrides recently returned to her home in France where she began her fashion journey. Inspired by her style, she started experimenting with spray painting lingerie onto her garments. One year since the beginning of her eponymous brand, she has found her voice; that the true power of clothing lies in wearing it, interacting with it, and living in it. Maintaining that each design be one-of-a-kind and made by hand, Latrides expresses her intention to promote slow fashion through her designs, emphasising the beauty of individual interactions with clothing that result in unique looks. Continuing to host pop-ups in Paris she hopes to soon have her designs in physical stores around the city, alongside in London, Berlin and Amsterdam!

EVA MARIE LOUISE has only just begun her fashion story. Despite this, the freshly graduated designer has already made an impression, receiving the exceptional LICHTING invitation to showcase her graduation collection at this year’s Amsterdam Fashion Week — a surreal moment for any up-and-coming creative. With a desire to change the way people perceive the name and showcase her individuality, she created her brand, BIMBO, celebrating fearless hyper-femininity while firmly rejecting the notion that a person’s value should be based on male-defined standards of intelligence or modesty. Among her proudest achievements is the expansion of her “bimbo community” and collaborations with models who embrace the bimbo identity. Dreaming of a world where embracing femininity is harassment-free, the designer uses her struggles as creative fuel. When faced with insults, she creates empowering pieces, like a skirt reading “BIGGEST SLUT.” BIMBO aims to give like-minded individuals a platform to express their true selves.

Introducing PRIJS, or Oscar Van Der Laan, a 360° talent exploring and intersecting the realms of music, fashion design and acting. Living by the motto, “Fake it till you make it”, Prijs is able to create, and become anything he dreams of being. Always dressed head-to-to in his own clothes and jewellery, Prijs is heavily influenced by rappers and trap music, who are too known for their oversized jewellery and wearing stacks of cash (for Prijs, this is in his own currency) as accessories. Everything Prijs creates is made by hand, whether this be small models for his videos, jackets made from stuffed animals or jewellery made from cardboard and plastic. Crafting a unique world all his own, experiencing his videos (or even simply being in his presence)  feels like stepping into his wild and wonderous realm. Right now, Prijs is immersed in the Roxy Spikkel project, where he’s combining an album and a clothing line while also evolving his character for this endeavour.

A few years ago, SISSI and PAT embarked on their journey with Outoffuseberlin, a Berlin-based “love story” dedicated to revitalising vintage treasures through their online store and pop-up stores. Curating items with a keen eye for craftsmanship across diverse fields, the pair have carved a significant niche in the realms of fashion, furnishings, and design, rooted in the spirit of Punk. Continuously, they discover new aesthetics and styles as they learn more about themselves and each other (often through travel). For instance, it was in Paris, amidst the ambience of wine bars and restaurants, where the idea of a bistro-themed pop-up filled with exquisite finds from French eateries sparked their imaginations. outofuseberlin boasts a profound brand ethos and is steered by two exceptionally inspirational proprietors. Hints of exciting collaborations across Europe are on the horizon, along with an extension into set designs within their business. Moreover, a thrilling relocation from Germany to Italy and a series of upcoming road trips are firmly on their agenda. Stay tuned for pop-up events in your area.

SOURTAI, a brand stemming from JESSICA PRASERTSRI’s spontaneous creativity, has evolved into an internationally recognised label celebrated for its bold and provocative designs. Prasertsri’s vision is to empower those donning Sourtai with unapologetic fierceness, beauty, bravery, and sexiness. Amidst the pandemic, she self-taught sewing through YouTube tutorials, initially sharing her projects on Instagram under the alias Sourtai, which catapulted her to our radar. What began as a lockdown pastime swiftly transformed into a promising venture, birthing collections like Princess Punk Fantasy, a project close to her heart. This collection delves into her formative pre-teen years, marked by confusion and an awakening to patriarchy, revealing her desire for equal privileges. Witnessing celebrities and fashion icons adorn her creations fills Prasertsri with joy, and she aspires to produce her designs in her homeland, Thailand, committed to maintaining high ethical standards and upholding her beliefs.

Meet CHALICE COX-HYND, aka CHALICE IS A WITCH, a radio enthusiast and multi-hyphenate creative in Amsterdam. Their radio journey, from student union alcoves to BBC Radio, led them to co-found, manage, and host for Amsterdam’s iconic Echobox, an award-winning independent radio station. Chalice’s unique experiences and passions stem from feeling like an outsider, growing up as a queer and neurodivergent person in a conservative town. This otherness fueled their exploration of the occult and influenced their darker music taste. Chalice’s fascination with witches is deeply connected to the witch hunts of medieval Europe, a time marked by a relentless wave of dogma-driven persecution against those who defied societal norms. Politically, they identify as a witch, reclaiming an accusation historically used to oppress non-conformists. With colleague Harry Kcidder, Chalice now hosts a classic breakfast show on Echobox, engaging with callers and playing tracks to start the day. They also run Swapcult, a donation-based shop at Subcult that aims to “de-gender and de-capitalise clothing, while engaging in a circular system.”

SYZGY is the fantastical in-flux artistic collective created by MIREILLE TAP and BRIEKE DROST, a generational alliance that empowers female artists to establish their rightful recognition in the industry. Promoting togetherness and intuitive, delicate, vulnerable strength, they present art through a multitude of lenses; from more traditional paintings to the curation and creation of dazzling trinkets, valuable metals, stones, and fabrics. For each separate project, the collective invites one or more artists to collaborate —  giving each project its own unique identity. The tactility of materials is a priority for both Tap and Drost, skillfully inviting their audience to establish an emotional connection and personal imagination to the artwork. Recently, Syzgy exhibited under the title, Body Tide, replicating the natural cycles human beings go through, approaching the topic with open­ness and understanding, helping to redu­ce sha­me and judg­ment and expe­rien­ce a more inclu­si­ve and sup­por­ti­ve environment.

Words by Aofie Morrall