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The Rhythm of the Night

An ode to nightlife told through the medium of video art at Frans Hals Museum

Anne de Vries, Critical Mass : Pure Immanence, 2015

The collage on banners at the fences is inspired by flyers and posters for various sorts of techno, tekno, and hardcore events, i.e. the globe by “Inqontrol” from “Q-dance” designed by Frank Burghout.

The night holds a kind of magic hard the fathom: gyrating bodies in dimly lit clubs, dancing, singing, and talking until the sun comes up. The night offers escapism and clubs curate the sublime, offering you a space to lose yourself in the music and merge with the community around you.

Celebrating these fleeting moments of pure self-expression (the kind that cannot be found during the day). The Rhythm of the Night brings together a collection of these dusk-to-dawn explorations featuring video art by celebrated artists such as The Krazyhouse by Rineke Dijkstra, Wildness by Wu Tsang and Critical Mass: Pure Immanence by Anne de Vries.

From notions of the “critical mass” by Anne de Vries, to Rineke Dijkstra’s Krazyhouse providing precious and provocative insight into the young clubbing scene in Liverpool. The scope of nightlife is captured, and its many interconnected universes.

Experience The Rhythm of the Night until the 10th of April 2023 at the Frans Hals Museum, Hal location and immerse yourself in the world of the night. Get your tickets here! 

The Rhythm of the Night

Frans Hals Museum, Hal location (Grote Markt)

On display until April 10th, 2023

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