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The SANCTUM Issue with VTSS

Our cover girl takes the centre stage at Glamcult Selects #3

Hard, fast and relentless describes the VTSS signature sound (alongside her emergence into the public eye). Widely known for her intense, unpredictable high-frequency sets and tracks, the Polish producer effortlessly maintains a genuine essence of the underground while rising as a dominant figure on the electronic music scene. Performing with an elevated sense of self,  and an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude she radiates divine feminine energy – something innately “vulnerable” yet “exciting”. Harnessing her shapeshifting ability to transcend all expectations, Glamcult spoke to the producer,  looking into the future with a fresh, holistic connection to her artistry. Don’t miss VTSS’ set at Glamcult Selects #3!

You have previously described your move to London in 2020 as allowing you to ‘find a sanctuary in the disarrayed British music scene.’ Since then, how has the city continued to inspire you creatively?

What I like about this place is how multi-genre it is. Berlin, or at least the Berlin I knew, was about one sound, one scene. It just wasn’t as open-minded. I love how my friends do different kinds of art and work here. It’s not only music. Everyone coexists and inspires one another. In Berlin, I was living in a bit of a bubble – but that was just my experience and maybe it’s not like that for everyone. Here, I have been able to expand my work from just making music, to curating this little visual universe. That has been the most exciting part of living here and creating the new EP, Circulus Vitiosus.

Let’s talk about it! What was the inspiration behind the work?

Circulus Vitiosus is an exploration of who I am. It also looks into who I could have become if things had gone differently in my life by exploring different versions of myself. This idea is where the name of the EP comes from itself: Vicious Circle in English. I have always been inspired by the topic of exploration and the idea of working on yourself. With this EP, I finally had the tools to talk about this process through lyrics. It felt vulnerable, but it was exciting beyond just being a DJ and hiding behind the monitor. I was able to show people myself as an artist, and as a person.

Relating to this idea of the onstage self, many performers often describe an alias, an alter-ego. Would you say this is the same for Martyna and VTSS?

For me, it’s all the same. I knew I was the same VTSS when I started shifting into slightly different directions musically. It’s just an expansion of who I am as a person and musician. Some people said that I should have a different alias with a project like Circulus Vitiosus, but I was like, absolutely not. So whatever I do, it’s still me. VTSS is still me, but sometimes an exaggerated version of myself. It’s a never-ending journey of exploration; thinking out loud about who that person is underneath.

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Words by Charlotte Hingley

Photography by Renate Ariadne

Styling by Gabriella Rowland

Hair by Adam Garland

Make-up by Alice Dodds

Styling assistance by Stoyan Chuchuranov