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The sun is shining on Awake NY

Their new Spring/Summer20 collection brings with it a Sam Friedman collaboration.


If anyone has been a hot-topic this year, its most certainly gotta’ be Awake NY. Following their recent collaborations with the likes of Reebok and Carhartt WIP, the brand are on the rise and this collection is up there with them. Made up of signature Awake NY pieces; hoodies, T-shirts,  the showstopper has to be artist Sam Freidmans spontaneously, campy touch. Keeping it within the Brooklyn-native the team have embodied the personality behind the pieces with corduroy, patch baseball jackets, colourful motifs and political messages; ‘in god we trust, in the President we don’t’. The collection is out today so grab whilst you can! 

Available at Awake NY online now.

Words by Grace Powell