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The Taste Of Ray Fuego

Enter the group chat with Bummy Boys and Jäger Music.

Dutch hip-hop sensation Ray Fuego is back at it again (not that he ever stopped). A known rebel with a cause, Ray is not the one to shy away from speaking his mind, one fiery record at a time: 2019 saw the release of Bummy Boys 3, cooked up together with his trusted collaborators, KC and GRGY. At their high energy, high stake gigs—aptly described by Fuego as “WWE shit”—both beats and fists fly high, and we are ready to let off some serious steam…

This Friday, thanks to Jäger Music, Ray is curating a deliciously mischievous night at JACK Amsterdam, with a red-hot lineup worthy of Fuego’s punk firestarter status. The whole of SMIB Squad, Yung Gods, and Bummy Boys, alongside many others, will be there to rage the night away.  To give you a little taste of the weekend ahead, GC messaged BB3 trio for a rapid-fire style interview to talk about the best of 2019, their least favourite question (oops) and living life guilt-free.

GC: how are you guys feeling today? where are you? And can you share a self-portrait?

GRGY: Feeling very good! Right now I’m in Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam

KC: Excited. Amsterdam Noord

GC: what is the last song you listened to? how did it make you feel?

Ray Fuego: Frank Ocean – White Ferrari. It makes me feel free and relaxed

GRGY: Mine – Everything But The Girl. Makes me feel very calm and emotional and happy

KC: A unreleased song of my project called Patta Tracksuit. Excited again!

Ray Fuego: Send it to me

Ray Fuego: Later… ?

GRGY: Sii also to me ?

GC: that is exciting! tell us the tale of Bummy Boys—why and how and when did u get together, and where does the name come from?

Ray Fuego: I hate this question so much

Ray Fuego: Lol


GC: hahah oops. let’s make it quick so no one ever asks that again!

GRGY: ok long story short

GRGY: Ray KC and me all lived within like 2 km from each other

GRGY: and we all made music and then by some miracle we tried to introduce each other to each other (if that makes sense) and the moment we realized that we instantly started making music

GRGY: Add anything if I’m missing something important

Ray Fuego: And the name is actually given to us by our supporters

KC: Yeah we tried to introduce each other to each other but we already knew each other

GRGY: Separately!!

GRGY: And the name was just the name of the first EP we did together and then people started calling us Bummy Boys

GRGY: Our fans***

GC: I see, do people ask you this a lot then ?

KC: Every interview ?

GRGY: Constantly… every single interview ??

Ray Fuego: And literally the same question

Ray Fuego: Formulated like this

GC: well we’re officially putting an end to this right now!

GC: no more

GRGY: Oke ??✅??

GC: speaking of annoying interviews and things-  what is the most outrageous thing you have ever heard about yourself?

Ray Fuego: I got a dm once saying that I was bullying kids ?

GRGY: A lot of people have the impression I am very mean and uninterested in anything ???


KC: Same

KC: But to be honest

KC: never mind

GC: oh go on!

KC: Grgy is always uninterested haha haha

GRGY: Hahahaha damn i really just have resting bitch face(my face when im not smiling)

GC: Ok what do you admire the most about each other? resting bitch face aside

Ray Fuego: I admire KC’s work ethic a lot and Grgy his creativity

GRGY: KC can be painfully honest, which I can learn from a lot!! And Ray is one of the most free spirited persons around me and very open towards anyone

Ray Fuego: KC his musicality is really out of this world too

GRGY: Facts!! And he’s a quick learner

Ray Fuego: Grgy is a quick learner too tho

Ray Fuego: He just does something for two months straight till he learns it

KC: Ray is the fastest writer everrrrrr and super open minded

GRGY: !!!!!

KC: Grgy his  are insane creative

GRGY: And they got such good taste in clothing ????????????

GC: the most delicious part of 2019 so far?

KC: Smib Tno fest

Ray Fuego: The moment i heard that i was gonna have a babyboy

GC: oh wow congrats !

GRGY: Tokyo the last few days! And yes those two are also very good! Most of 2019 has been very very delicious ???

Ray Fuego: Yessirr

Ray Fuego: Most of 2019 was delicious

Ray Fuego: No bap

GC: can u describe your latest release in 3 words ?

KC: Fun free progression

GRGY: Hard as (a) Muthafucka

Ray Fuego: I can’t remember what me latest release was

Ray Fuego: Lol

Ray Fuego: I haven’t released sumthing myself

Ray Fuego: But I did a lot of featurings

GRGY: I was referring to bb3!!

KC: Me as well

Ray Fuego: Omg im dumb stupid ???


GRGY: バカ野郎(Bakayaro) ?

Ray Fuego: Jet lagged ?

GC: who is your secret/unlikely music hero?

KC: For now bon iverrrr

Ray Fuego: Roy Ayers/Travis Scott

GRGY: The Smiths (and to Kees POP SMOKE HARD AS FUCK ????)

KC: Welcome to the party broski ✊?

GRGY: Hahaha thank you

Ray Fuego: Yoo IGGY FUCKING POP. Forgot!

GRGY: Yeah difficult question we listen so much different music you’d not expect

KC: I’m on that turnstile shit nowadays

GC: he is so good! he just released a new album I think

GC: I held his knee once

Ray Fuego: Yoo oh god, that went past me

Ray Fuego: He’s the greatest

GC: what was your most memorable/favourite gig ever and why? together or separately!

GRGY: First one that comes to mind is pacific ???

KC: we did a couple crazy shows at occi

GRGY: Yeah occi is always super nice

Ray Fuego: Yoo Occi has been my favorite

GRGY: Pacific was our first SMIB show with the whole gang

GRGY: And man… shit went down

GRGY: Moshpits, fights, everything u can imagine people got they ass beat ????

KC: This is the first time we’re talking about this hahahahaha

Ray Fuego: WWE shit

GC: damn

GC: best piece of advice you have ever received?

Ray Fuego: Everyone is gonna have an image of you and an idea. But only you know who you are

GRGY: ! Don’t take everything personal

KC: Do good, be good and stay good

GC: what’s one record from 2019 that everyone should listen to? Apart from your own


KC: Hart op mijn grond willem de bruin or Ares – Alice (the whole project feels like 1 record)

Ray Fuego: I think its Igor too that album blew my mind

GC: yesss

Ray Fuego: I’m not really excited about the latest releases

KC: Yooo pop smoke dior

GRGY: That whole album is lowkey hard

KC: Ny did u good cuzzz

GRGY: They were putting me on like it was they own brother ?

GC: what about a non 2019 record we should all listen to ?

KC: Larouge al die tijd

Ray Fuego: Lykki Li – Sex Money Feelings Die

GC: do you have a guilty pleasure ?

KC: No

GRGY: Every 6ix9ine song is now a guilty pleasure ??

Ray Fuego: Guilty pleasure is like sex stuff right

Ray Fuego: I like my nipples getting licked

GC: I’m sure our readers will appreciate that info

KC: My Guy

GRGY: ?normal?

KC: I do what i want

GC: nothing guilty about that Ray

KC: No guilty pleasure vibes allowed

Ray Fuego: I didn’t understand the question

Ray Fuego: Hahahahah

Ray Fuego: Nah no guilt ova here then

GC: what can we expect from the night you’re doing with Jäger Music?

KC: Pacific vibes

GRGY: !!!!!

Ray Fuego: !!!

KC: And loads of love

GRGY: Withouth a head getting split ?

Ray Fuego: Hahahahaha

GRGY: Yes!! Pacific with love

Ray Fuego: Sounds like a movie title!!

KC: Ploegendienst

KC: YungGods

KC: Bummy boys

KC: All in 1

KC: That’s it

GC:  thank you so much guys !

Ray Fuego: ???

GC: This concludes it xxx

GC: have a great day !

Georgy: Thank you!!! たのしんで!!

The Taste Of Ray Fuego
Friday 4 October, 2019
JACK Amsterdam
RSVP at www.jagermusic.nl

Words by Glamcult
Photography by Texas Schiffmacher
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