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“The times are always contained in the rhythm”

Chroma release their new charity compilation

Paul Gilroy believes that “the times are always contained in the rhythm”. That is, music is a tangible representation of the zeitgeist and one which we should acknowledge in its significance within culture. Right now, the world is in a transitional moment, changes are being made for a brighter future and action is leading us in the right direction. Make no mistake, the end goal has not been met, but hope is certainly on the horizon. Within this transitional time comes history-in-the-making, and the music which is being produced right now will be significant markers of this history and the cultural world we are currently living in. One of these examples of musical significance is Chroma’s newest compilation Source of Nurture. 

The New York-based creative studio, Chroma, is a place for womxn of colour to explore musical expression and creativity. Founded by Ladin Awad, June Canedo and Sienna Fekete, the collective nurture cultural consciousness and offers guidance with the end goal of community empowerment. In true Chroma fashion, the collective has just released a 19-track compilation of new music to empower us through these times by some of the most talented artists out there including, Lafawndah, Nídia, Ariel Zetina, Bergsonist, Riobamba, 8ULENTINA & FOOZOOL and many more.

The tracks are mind-altering portals into the world through the artist’s eyes and within their authenticity comes reverence and understanding. The music is peaceful, powerful, and projects what we can hope for in the world going forward. Chroma has also declared all proceeds will be donated directly to Equality For Flatbush, Undocu Workers Fund, The Movement For Black Lives Fund and Black Trans Femmes In The Arts. Explore new music, help fund the cause and be a part of the right side of history.