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The Ventricular System

Lissa Brandon looks at the brain through a whole new lens, igniting the freedom within.

Today’s world is filled with exceptionalism; although built on limitation, we are offered an opportunity for escapism within our minds. Lissa Brandon fronts this message with the marine slogan, ‘Improvise, Adapt & Overcome’. In her latest work, ‘The Ventricular System’, we are taken to four virtual rooms, curated by Bat Labat, based upon the human brain. Believing that within this era of challenge, ‘we can only come out stronger if we focus on’, Lissa forefronts the mission of mental strength and opulence, beyond the borders we are placed within today. 

Catsuit Zyanya Keizer, Skirt REconstruct, Shoes & Jewelry Stylist-owned
Jacket REconstruct, Hoodie Laundry Industry, Bustier Studio NK, Harness Bra Makeover Factory,  Shoes & Jewelry Stylist-owned
Top Zyanya Keizer, Jeans Y/PROJECT, Shoes New Rock, Gloves Zyanya Keizer
Dress Ferry Schiffelers, Jersey Nike, Gloves Ferry Schiffelers, Jewellery Stylist-owned, Shoes New Rock

Creative Direction, Styling, Model: Lissa Brandon 

3D Interior Design: Bat Labat 

Photography: Lisa Wals & ShotsFired 

Creative Vision: Tim Wes 

Make-Up Artist: Magdalena Kielb 

Hair Stylist: Keanna Williams 

Styling Assistant, Producer: Madlyn Saswin 


Words by Grace Powell