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The vibe has been set

And we’re here for the ride.

Au revoir, January! 31 days that felt like an entire year of bad luck are finally behind us. February’s been here for a hot minute, but now it’s time to strut through the rest of the month and shake what ya’ mama gave you with our new Radical Tracks playlist. Let’s skip a day of this leap year together, and whip out the amethysts for the month of humility and spiritual wisdom; basically, the time of year to be your best self!

Once again, the vibe has been set by the glorious Marjolijn Verkerk, who’s ready to push you through the remains of deep winter with a signature mix of RnB, house, rock, and techno (surprise, surprise). Settle in with some classic Glamcult faves: Rosalía, IAMDDB and our long-time boo, King Krule. Expect your blood to pump with Jacoti Sommes’ “Pulse Start” from his up-coming album, “Travel Time”. Then, get groovy with Planet 1999’s “Party” track, which will have you dripping with ‘80s  rom-com vibes; just begging for a spin and body wave. The vibe gets deeper and deeper as we sink our teeth into some heavy beats curated perfectly for your late-night (or early-morning) antics. Deena Abdelwahed’s “Lila Fi Tounes”, Perreando Y Llorando’s “Meth Math” and Gage’s “E Anthem” will have you worshipping the bass; and babes, we can’t say we blame you. Night or day, these radical tracks are here for the ride! 


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Words by Grace Powell