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Celebrate pride with Calvin Klein & The Gang Is Beautiful

Pride is a collection of experiences, a uniting force and a celebration of love. Pride is not a month, but a year-round experience and one Calvin Klein devotedly commits themselves to. This season, Glamcult teamed up with Calvin Klein and The Gang is Beautiful to celebrate pride through the foundations of Love and Family. Wearing the 2022 Calvin Klein Pride collection, TGIB shares their family portraits and exemplifies the power of chosen family alongside the many ways that love can manifest. We spoke with three couples, all united through different experiences of love to talk about what this project, and pride means to them. Next up are Chanti and Bryson in conversation with one another!

Chanti: How did you meet the love of your life(me)?

Bryson: Haha! Well…We met at a photoshoot on the 24th of July, 2021. I saw you, and we had this conversation if it was love at first sight … but, I dunno. We were definitely very interested! I don’t know if it was love at first sight. After that, we had a beautiful weekend together. A pride walk, and from there on it was like a blooming flower.

Chanti: What is your love language?

Bryson: My love language is physical touch. Letting the person know I am here without words. I want my person to know she is loved as well, the affirmations — to hear your voice is my love language.



Chanti: And what does the term family mean to you?

Bryson: Nowadays I guess family means the people who accept you for you, it’s not about the bloodline. It’s about the people who are in your life… feeling loved. Where I can be vulnerable and show my emotions.

Chanti: What impact do you hope the This is Love campaign has?

Bryson: I hope This is Love and Clavin Klein will show how love can be intimate, but also friendship, connecting with each other. Being on a level where, no matter how you present yourself — or how you approach people, that it always can be love.

Bryson: And to you, how do you feel loved?

Chanti: I feel loved when someone sees me for who I am, and understands what I need, even if I don’t  know myself. Someone who tells me to stop before I know I should stop. Someone that slows me down, and makes me see what is actually important in life.

Bryson: What are your goals/manifestations/hopes for the future?

Chanti: My hope for the future, or manifestation, is that I will move in with the love of my life.

Bryson: Yes!

Chanti: …And we can have a family, surrounded by friends – family – people who I love. To live a happy and easy life. Easy is important. I also hope I can live a life without the hustle, especially because I’m very inclined to always work hard… I think it is important to see that that is not what life is all about. You can find ease in yourself by just being, without thinking you have to achieve something to be a valuable person.

Bryson: What is something about yourself that you are proud of?

Chanti: I am proud of myself for learning to love again; allowing myself to see that I can live through the hard times – understand and embrace that part of myself – and move on knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that there are people that care about you, think about you, consider you, and thinking that you are valuable just the way you are.








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Photography by Jaane

Words by Grace Powell