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Celebrate pride with Calvin Klein & The Gang Is Beautiful

Pride is a collection of experiences, a uniting force and a celebration of love. Pride is not a month, but a year-round experience and one Calvin Klein devotedly commits itself to. This season, Glamcult teamed up with Calvin Klein and The Gang is Beautiful to celebrate pride through the foundations of Love and Family. Wearing the 2022 Calvin Klein Pride collection, TGIB shares their family portraits and exemplifies the power of chosen family alongside the many ways that love can manifest. We spoke with three couples, all united through different experiences of love to talk about what this project, and pride means to them. Meet multifaceted creatives Jazmon and Ia!

Can we begin by discussing your craft?
Jazmon: I started my current craft by collecting vintage clothing and collecting it. I would then sell it! After some time, I got more into upscaling vintage pieces… and now I’ve moved into making garments from scratch.

Ia: I am a photographer; painter and I do a lot of different types of art… But the main thing is that I always come back to telling a story, trying to express myself – my craft always starts with curiosity.

How would you describe the concept of family?
Ia: To me family means belonging. Unfortunately, for a lot pf people, the family they were born into (biological) does not feel like they belong – because they constantly have to justify themselves. I don’t think it has to do with genetics, it’s more like a feeling of peace. Feeling like yourself, feeling accepted, feeling cheered for… it’s community.”

Jazmon: The term family means having a safe space with the people that care about you the most, the people that really go above and beyond for you… The people that love you regardless of what you do … limitless love.

And what does the term pride mean to you?
Ia: Being proud means not compromising, not bowing your head… and taking up space.

With this, what are you most proud of in your journey Jazmon?
Jazmon: What I am most proud of is my work determination. I’m proud of getting so far in the careers I’ve chosen to do – it’s evidence that it’s okay to start at the bottom.

What impact do you hope this project has? Beyond today’s fun!
Ia: I hope that people that see this on Instagram feel hopeful that they can see themselves and know that they are part of a bigger community. And for others with prejudices towards the LGBTQ community, to make it harder to hate us. because you can see how fun, wholesome and good it is. This togetherness, I hope it’s contagious.



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Photography by Jaane

Words by Grace Powell