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From lube to lip oil

Relax into Glamcult’s essential guide to all things skincare, sexual wellness and scent

Like most, we love a good self-care moment. Whether it’s a face mask over a glass of wine in the evening or an hour a week in therapy, self-care comes in many different packages. It has to be said — it is important we don’t reduce self-care to skincare and bubble baths, but taking time for yourself and taking care of your body can also be powerful. And after an enlightening get-together of the Glamcult’s team, we compiled our go-to wellness faves we think you should all get in your routine — from lube to lip balm.

First up is the Le Labo scents. Guaranteed to have people asking: ‘what are you wearing?’ all day, Le Labo’s perfumes are luxe to a t. We particularly love the city exclusives (cute – non-cringe collectables), and although we may be biased, Amsterdam and Paris are our faves. The Amsterdam scent (Mousse De Chene 30), is a combination of Moss and Patchouli scent with cinnamon and clearwood notes. Timeless and traditional, this perfume is ideal for those looking for an everyday signature. The same goes for Paris (Vanille 44), this sexy scent has a unique vanilla base (think less sweet, and more woody, amber incense vibes). Also, Le Labo is currently having a City Exclusive at the moment; so you are able to get all cities within your own! Not planning a visit to Tokyo but love a Cedar-moment? Well, you can now shop worldwide!

Sick of the cheap-feeling and plastic-scented lubes and gels? Well, get yourself over to Aia*. This sexual wellness brand is redefining (and quite frankly, opening the conversation) around sex and the accessories to amply our experience.  This natural, water-based product is a warming gel that is made from menthol. Designed specifically to stimulate your clitoris, the gel can also be used on toys and condoms as it is oil-free. Vegan and paraben free, we highly recommend you don’t compromise vaginal wellness anymore and keep your PH in line!

After speaking with the team, one thing that came quickly apparent is that we are all a sucker for a rose moment. Giving ‘rose’ without the unnecessary sweet perfume, Neal’s Yard’s Rose Collection is perfect. Consisting of a facial wash, mask, moisturizer and more it is actually the Rehydrating Rose toner we love the most. Balancing, cooling, and hydrating all the same time the Rehydrating Rose Toner is a delicate start to the day. I’m sorry to say, but winter is coming — so make sure your serums and moisturisers are absorbed this season to keep silky smooth skin all year round. Small detail: but the toner also looks hella’ cute on your bathroom shelf.

Made with three key ingredients: Fine Quartz, Rosemary Leaf, and Lactic Acid, the Aesōp Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste is a must if you crave the feeling of baby soft skin. Be rid of dead skin cells, as this formula leaves you feeling immaculately cleansed. Made for most skin types, however, it is ideal for dry skin! If you’ve been hitting the holidays (and subsequent aeroplanes) hard this summer, then this is a necessity in fighting off that post-plane skin feeling.

Yep, we know, this sounds like an odd one. Mushrooms on the face you question? Well, it’s gotta be said — this Mega Mushroom Origins collection is a skincare gem for those prone to redness. As part of the Repair & Protect line, this treatment lotion is there to activate your skin’s defence and ward off the nonsense. Making your skin look overall calmer and more vibrant, this is a go-to hack when you’re in a skin pinch. Made with a whole array of mushrooms and roots (Reishi Mushroom, Fermented Chaga Mushroom, Adaptogenic Licorice Root, and Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid), this is granola-girl friendly with actual, solid results!


Founded by two friends in Amsterdam Tree of Saba has a traditional and holistic approach to wellness. Inspired by the long history of Sea moss’ healing properties within the Caribbean and African cultures their products are filled with goodness and love. Coming in a jar, the Sea Moss is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral gel which helps you glow from the inside out. (Top tip: it can also be used as a natural aphrodisiac). Personally, I simply ate a tablespoon a day! But on their Instagram, they have many tips and tricks of ways you can incorporate the moss into your routine.

Our tried and true, the REN Evercalm moisturiser will always be on the shelf. Instead of focusing on solely tackling current issues – this day cream is “future-proof”. This hydrating and calming product is made from Sea Buckthorn Oil, Camellia and Calendula Oil. Luxurious to the touch, this is the perfect base for your every day — evening — and night.


Last, but certainly not least is Fenty Cherry lip oil. No one needs (or wants) crusty-looking lips, so get luscious and stay there with the Fenty Skin lip oil. This (ULTRA)hydrating lip oil is the perfect balance between a balm and a gloss. Non-sticky and clear the oil keeps your lips moisturised and smooth the whole day. The perfect size to pop in your purse — once you have this in your bag, it will never go out of rotation.

Words by Grace Powell