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Glamcult gets to know Tisja

Talking creative expression while staying all heated up with Uniqlo Lifewear.

Dress: Uniqlo Knitwear
Socks Red: Uniqlo Heattech
Gloves red: Uniqlo Cashmere

Dress: Uniqlo Knitwear
Socks Red: Uniqlo Heattech
Gloves red: Uniqlo Cashmere

Hey Tisja! Always a pleasure to be talking with you <3 Could we begin by discussing what creativity means to you?
Visualizing, writing, and expressing that which I can’t articulate with words. I do this by cutting images and texts from papers and magazines, and putting them together in old bible books, adding paint, adding colors. I call them my personal concept books. These books are usually the start and base of all sistersjanssen’s creative projects. This form of art, and expressionism all expressed from a young age and truly developed in my first year of college. It was here, I was first told to create a concept-book of our own brand, and that brand should be a translation of the person that we are.

Art, and having a creative vision has always been within you. How do you approach your practice today, from this beginning?
It’s a healing relationship. It allows me to have a better understanding of my message or the story that I long to tell. So, in this way, it didn’t change a bit.  My subconscious creates my visual language.

Creating in Amsterdam feels endless. How does this environment impact (or inspire) you as an artist?
Amsterdam is a city where you can make your dreams happen. Everyone’s hunger to create. The freedom for artist’s to produce whatever they feel like is what’s generally missing in today’s society, so the Amsterdam-energy is a true inspiration. This city has challenged me to take risks and to pursue my passions. Especially after the lockdown, I really get the feeling that everyone just wants to share, feed, support and create together.

Jacket Dark Red: Uniqlo Fleece
Jacket Light Red: Uniqlo Fleece

The clothes we wear are a tool of expression. What is important to you when it comes to fashion?
It really depends on my mood (and my mission of the day). Creating, I like to do in comfy sweats where I can move around, get dirty (of paint, glue etc). But I also like to overdress, feel extra, be extra and walk around like a delicate flower.

Love it. And also so true, having one aesthetic for every-day just isn’t possible! Having freedom and flexibility is vital. Why do you think the UNIQLO LifeWear’s inner-wear attitude is so important for today’s lifestyle?
Right now, at this age, I truly feel more in tune with my inner-self than I ever have before. I have a bigger understanding of myself, my craft, my own nature and the nature around me. I see clothes as an extension of the person. Alongside this, it seems logical to also be more thoughtful about my wardrobe. It goes hand in hand.

Logical, livable and always looking your best! What are you manifesting for the future?
A whole lot of love, light and creativity

Photography: Maria Bodil
Creative Direction: Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio
Styling: Anna Claassen
Assistant styling: Carolijn Hooij
Hair and Make-up: Vannessa Chan
Light: Rupert Tapper

Words by Grace Powell



All clothes: UNIQLO LifeWear