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Vetements Spring 2022

Traveling between reality and photoshop

In today’s elusive and unpredictable world, our digital spheres are undeniable, and the balance between reality and fantasy is forever blurred. Taking on this illusionary field, Vetements have just dropped their Sping 2022 collection, and if you haven’t already got the memo…it’s straight out of Photoshop. The brand has produced an unsurprisingly meta collection, as we are all invited to view the newest pieces from the comfort of our phones, laptops, and Instagram feeds. However, the Vetements team are no strangers to this out-of-the-ordinary approach to fashion week, as the collection taps into the classic themes we have come to rely upon, which are quite literally, burning holes in our pockets.

From bold, structured tailoring to the more floral side of fashion, the boundaries are unclear and we love to see it. The collection brings that classic Vetements attitude, with cheeky slogan tee’s – ‘the devil doesn’t wear Prada’ – to fire print sets and ruched dresses. I mean, there’s a pattern here for every day of the week – so grab your purse and roll with the potential to start your Monday in Zebra and end your week with an array of lemons.

Overall it’s forever refreshing to have Vetements on the scene with their punk attitude and ability to turn literal inspiration into wearable statements. One thing is for sure, once the world has eyes on this collection – it’s a go-hard or go-home mentality from here on out.

View the full collection on their Instagram here

Words by Grace Powell