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Lola Young walks like a RIOT GRRRL with Dr. Martens x MadeMe

Dr. Martens and MadeMe have collaborated for the perfect bloquette shoes.


What happens when you merge iconic designs with unapologetic it-girl energy? Dr. Martens and NYC brand MadeMe might have the answer for us. Collaborating for the first time, the two creative forces have solidified their shared values into a shoe.

“I’ve always wanted to work on a steel-toe DM’s shoe. The heart cutout leather exposing the steel toe is as tough and utilitarian as it is soft. It’s a beautiful contradiction, just like the MadeMe girl,” says Erin Magee, who launched MadeMe in 2007 driven by the will to challenge male-dominated spaces. Magee’s “for girls, by girls” ethos perfectly aligns with the history of Dr. Martens, whose shoes have been at the feet of a long line of riot grrrl disruption, making this collaboration a natural match as it continues a tradition of rebellion.

The 1461 Quad shoe comes in two versions: a sleek black loafer classic and a bold, shiny silver one. The real star of the shoes is the steel heart cutouts, which feature mirrored frames reflecting the youthful feminine narrative behind MadeMe. And what better artist could the two subversive brands pick if not Lola Young? The London-based singer-songwriter’s punchy voice effortlessly embodies the “take-it-or-leave-it” mindset of the MadeMe girl, blending tomboyish with feminine for the ultimate bloquette look.

Words by Agata Villa
Images courtesy of Dr. Martens