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Wear your denim till the end

G-Star RAW looks toward the future, succeeding generations, and calls out to wear your denim longer

Always situated on the frontlines of fashion’s future, G-Star RAW‘s latest campaign does exactly this. Titled, Wear your denim till the End, this project sets out to put quality first, so the product can be yours forever (and look good for even longer ;)). This launch, however, is a solid two-parter; made up of both an incredible capsule collection WITH an extensive warranty, alongside the announcement of 8 new responsibility initiatives. It’s time to extend the life of our garments, and with G-Star RAW looking towards succeeding generations, and the protection of our planet, they are putting in the work for the rest of the industry to follow!

Now, I can guess what you’re thinking … what are these steps? Well, they’re nothing short of displaying sheer determination and consciousness for our planet. Firstly, G-Star is using the ‘Repairing, Reusing and Recycling’,  model of circular fashion as a guide. G-Star RAW is taking on certified tailors (offering free repairs), alongside giving you the opportunity to turn your old jeans into shorts (again, free!), as well as giving you the opportunity to hand in your beyond-repair denim for recycling. Overall — and might I remind you, this is still only step one — G-Star has committed to 1 million G-Star reused, repaired or recycled jeans by 2030.  The brand is also working towards ‘Better Transparency’ with a new webshop tool called Responsible Materials Ranking’. The online transparency tool displays the composition of each garment and the environmental impact of the very fibres which make it. Here, G-Star opens up the possibilities for their customer, allowing them to decide for themselves what qualifies as matching their individual sustainability standard. Now, you always need someone to keep the initiative flowing, so ‘G-Star presents its new Head of Sustainability, named, Rebecka Sancho will lead the G-Star sustainable strategy, focusing on the many years to come and how the brand can get to 100% organic, recycled, bio-based or compostable by 2030 and fundamentally reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the same year.  Within this mission, G-Star is ‘Accelerating Organic Cotton’, by partnering with those working towards the scaling of organic cotton farming. Finally, the brand has committed to the ‘Annual Sustainability Report 2021’. Finally, G-Star’s ‘Annual Sustainability Report 2021’ includes everything that G-Star has worked on to improve this past year, from social and environmental, to transparency and circularity innovations, the full report can be read by anyone — including you — here!