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Welcome to HEAVN

enter the gates…

In our wildest dreams we had never thought we would be welcomed with blue neon lights spelling HEAVN, a store located in the city of angels, when we enter nirvana… But, here we are (and we are so here for it)! HEAVN, Marc Jacobs’ successful subline inspired by photographer Schoichi Aoki’s take on Harajuku fashion, has been teasing us with some sneaky pics from the store’s interior… So please don’t mind us flying all the way to Faifax, we just want to experience a taste of pure bliss! Showcasing a stocked store with all kinds of heavenly products on their insta, ranging from ceramics and climax books to Seungjin Yang’s interior design and other brands such as Strayrats and Mowalola’s drip, the eclectic store promises us the ultimate shopping experience. Mixed in with HEAVN’s brand new capsule collection are also Marc Jacobs’s iconic skyhigh platform boots (available in old pink or bordeaux red, for example) that send us straight to paradise. Altogether, it’s the ultimate nirvana for HEAVN enthusiasts, and visiting has never looked so tempting before.

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Words by Brechtje Polman