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Welcoming Mojo Nodnarb


As we take another trip around the (currently MIA) sun, there’s a fresh sense of inspiration in the air. Our Amsterdam babe, Lissa Brandon has served just that with her latest personal carving, the alter-ego Mojo Nodnarb. Existing in the world as a limitless being of self-expression, Lissa has debuted her enchantress through the form of film- an exquisite production of multi-disciplinary greatness.  Strutting through our beloved city streets, we are invited into her creative playground, presenting a feeling of ‘if this is possible, anything is’. Jaws unapologetically drop and eye sockets burst into this cacophony of fashion, music, film and artistry.  A journey of passion and growth is ahead and if Mojo Nodnarb is going to be our spiritual guide, we are ready to brace whatever is to come. Feast your eyes on the new age and watch this space as we follow the voyage set its sail’s…



Directed by Bob Sizoo

Edited/ DOP by Denzel Möhlmann

Executive Produced by Soho House Amsterdam

Music & Voiceover by Tim Wes

Starring, Story and Styling by Lissa Brandon aka. Mojo Nodnarb

Assistant Styling by Madlyn Saswin

Lyrics by Heist-Rockah 

Hair Styling by Christine Marie Elise Kat 

Make-up by Magdalena Kielb

Clothing and Accessories by MARLOU BREULS CREATIVE STUDIO, RECONSTRUCT, Christa Kronenburg and Christian Louboutin