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Welt am Draht

GmbH’s world within a world.

A show within a show, representing a world within a world; GmbH’s Autumn ’21 presentation plays on our existence inside ‘reality’. The title, Welt am Draht,¬†which translates to World on a Wire, confirms this questioning existence and our simulated possibility… I mean, this is the digital age. As we begin a new year in the hands of Zoom meetings and Google hangouts, Gmbh wanted to pull us back to earth, striving for genuine connection through real material- envisioning back to an analogue age. The show overall examples this reconnection through a stripped-down presentation of the clothes. The pieces are the platform and the no-frills attitude allows them to flourish.



The detail of the night was no other than a cross-body silhouette, featured throughout the collection with varying degrees of intensity. From the structured collar of a suit to a faux-fur trim, the understated glamour of it all was a hit. Riding boots also came back this season, igniting a vision of the royal techno prince GmbH have crowned their ruler. From refined silhouettes to body-hugging jodhpurs, the showstopper goes to the faux fur coat which Paloma Picasso energy entering Studio 54. Impossible to look away, the collection was a never-ending line of hits.


As GmbH connect back to earth, envisioning life post-isolation, we are instantly reminded that in just a few months times these looks and this energy could be ours for the taking. A great show, and a reality we wish to kick start us out of our fantasy.


GmbH Autumn ’21

Words by Grace Powell