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What do we do all Day?

Martine Rose holds up the mirror (again) 

Martine Rose is a master at showing us the most fascinating of all subjects – ourselves. Since her creative beginnings, the London-based designer has created clothing that gently parodies the culture behind our lives. Now, with lockdown still looming and our collective quirks continuing to play out online, it seems like no better time for one of her witty social-studies. Luckily, Rose is already on it – her new project What We Do All Day airs tomorrow! Described as “a portrait of the present, constructed in virtual space,” this work is an ode to everyday lives as they play out in an unprecedented time. Once again, Rose captures our intimate habits, the moments between ZOOM meetings. It’s a glimpse of us, one we’re cheekily desperate to see… Indulge yourself online tomorrow, the showings won’t be repeated! 

What We Do All Day will be shown tomorrow at 10AM, 3PM and 8PM GMT. Subscribe here.

Words by Rose Holmshaw