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When I Get Home

The celestial masterpiece has been revived!

On March 1st 2019, we were blessed with the surrealistic and introspective masterpiece that is Solange’s ‘When I Get Home’. It’s been two years and we’re still daydreaming about the artist’s interdisciplinary performance art film, left gagging for more ever since ?. Well… our prayers have been answered! In celebration of the album’s two-year anniversary, a remastered and extended director’s cut has just been released exclusively on the Criterion Channel  (a.k.a. the virtual place to visit all your favourite arthouse selections).

Our Queen’s self-directed and edited short film ‘When I Get Home’ is a homage as well as reconnection to her ancestral roots and hometown Houston. The album and film together are a spiritual exploration of heritage, a rumination on fear and freedom and a sacral celebration of black excellence.

The multidisciplinary mixed-media film entails afro futuristic visuals of Black cowboys and a stunning Solange fully embodying her divine hyper-femininity: this lucid homecoming is simultaneously existential and reflective, earthbound and intergalactic. Solange truly left nothing without intention.


Watch ‘When I Get Home’ exclusively on the Criterion Channel

Words by Brechtje Polman