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See before it ends: "Do You Hear The Waterfall?"

Xiyao Wang creates movement inside the canvas

The Perrotin Gallery presents the transcendent and liberating work of Xiyoa Wang in her exhibition ‘Do You Hear the Waterfall’, which is entering its final week, ending on February 17th. New Yorkers, if you have not yet had the chance to experience this, it is a must-see. If you aren’t in New York, book a flight.

Growing up, Wang wished to be a dancer, despite her artist father’s warnings about the short-lived career of dancers and the immorality of an artists work. Through lyrical gestures and boundless movement, she translates this dream onto the canvas, proving that her love for dance and all its beauty can endure indefinitely.

The paintings incorporate both classical Chinese mountain-and-sea scrolls and minimalism. Creating an illusion of expanding space that captivates viewers and draws them into her enchanting world.

Do You Hear the Waterfall’ is an exhibition that expands space, dreams, and notions of identity. The Berlin-based artist asks herself, “Am I a Chinese artist who wakes up in Berlin, or am I a Berlin artist, dreaming I am in China?” Like the magnificence of the endless rushing of a distant waterfall, these pieces stir a sense of meditative awe which makes us question who we are, where we are going, and what we want to do.

Words by Dexter Burningham
Images courtesy of the artist and Perrotin