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Acne Studios FW21

Get ready to play!

Acne Studios’ Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection embraces both the chic and casual, while keeping us cozy and comfortable for the colder days. This refreshing collection is a nod to the experimental nature of the brand, bringing in lightness and a daring twist. The garments are meant to be dressed both up and down, worn inside and out – preparing us for all the likely circumstances we might find ourselves in next fall and winter. Altogether, the collection consists of a sassy and sexy wardrobe made to be played with.

Designer Jonny Johansson went for a personal approach this season, bringing back past memories and dreams of his younger years. The result is a ranging collage of different menswear archetypes – from the classic ‘rock band boy’ to the son who goes golfing with his parents. Johansson has brought back the punk waistcoats aswell as bulky polka-dotted woollen spencers, topped off with a puffy faux-fur jacket or brown leather coat (ummmmm take all our money please!!!).

Now, it wouldn’t be a Acne Studios collection without some refreshing contrasts in the mix! Balancing out the soft woollen textures with brown and black leather, using both cold and warmer toned color palettes, Johansson knows exactly how to maintain his emblematic Scandinavian simplicity and maximalist minimalism. We’re seeing a range of loose silhouettes, paisley patterns, tie-died pants, mohair wool dungarees and oversized shield sunglasses. This season we’ll be ready to rock! The bag collection also embodies a sense of versatility, from the sexy triangular shoulder bags to lunchbox-esque bucket and battle bags. The thread that ties the whole collection together are the recurring retro themed accessories. Acne Studios’ trademark is as present as ever, providing us yet another collection with perfectly balanced creativity, comfort and class.

Get your fall/winter gear here (available from June)!

Words by Brechtje Polman