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The blueprint to Glamcult's summer shopping spree

Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

As we finally welcome the blissfully radiant energy of the summer season, we once again feel it’s warm breath bring us back to life with its dazzling tapestry of vivid colours and striking textures. Inviting us to break free from old, 9-5 routines, with summer we embrace the liberating spirit that accompanies the lengthened sun-soaked days. Like a gentle breeze, let your wardrobe flow effortlessly into the new season, adorned with pieces that enhance your self-expression and capture the essence of the sun. Whether you find yourself on a sun-kissed beach or at a rooftop soirée, our handpicked summer blueprint is a flurry of vibrant hues ready to see you basking in the golden glow. Focussing on the more playful side of fashion, we embrace the interplay of textures and the allure of unexpected silhouettes that have come to be this season.

Starting of strong with the iconic HúDiéGōngZhǔ; the Chinese-based brand that burst onto the fashion scene — and our timelines — back in 2020. Boldly embracing the irony and fanaticism that lives within fashion, HúDiéGōngZhǔ effortlessly secure the top spot on all of our wishlists. With many must-have pieces; from whimsical portrait bikinis to skirts adorned with virtual family photos, HúDiéGōngZhǔ has never failed us. Among their many cute-girl creations, the Bestie Heart Hand Dress takes centre stage in our hearts. Designed to be worn with your lifelong bestie, this dress embodies a heartwarming moment just waiting to happen… probably on Instagram.

Rotterdam-based designer, Wolter Pot is the hottest face on the Dutch scene, and the newest designer to hit the Glamcult Store. Navigating the moment with his unconventional (yet sustainable) approach to fashion, Pot’s designs remind us of the importance of youthfulness and boundless creativity within fashion. With a passion for repurposing leftover materials, such as towels, it is both his bold sunglasses to his chic little (and big) bags that have caught our eye. Wolter Pot is our answer to a summer beach day and is available at the Glamcult Store

South Korean fashion designer Rejina Pyo embraces the ritual of dressing as what they describe as a phenomenon. Creating effortlessly whimsical designs that focus on quality and longevity, the brand has revolutionized the classic clog. Enter the MAYA: a gorgeous leather shoe boasting a rounded toe, block platform heel, oversized buckle, and refined Moccasin seams. Giving you not only a little boost in the height department but also a spring in your step as you navigate the sunny streets – the MAYA is a summer staple waiting to enter your basket. Want to shop? Available here! 

Blending the realms of couture and ready-to-wear, Cecilie Bahnsen’s vision is to create effortless, enduring garments capable of transforming the wearer through unexpected combinations of softness and structure, minimalism and maximalism, and perfection and imperfection. Each collection builds upon its predecessor, cultivating a world of cherished pieces that can be passed down among friends, reinterpreted, and restyled to express individuality. One of her latest pieces, the Sapphire Bag, is an easy-to-wear tote built from a plush, quilted silk, championing a ruffled trim and voluminous silhouette. Adjustable, unique and effortlessly feminine, this is a staple to any outfit this summer season.


Hollysworld.web, founded by the talented Holly Kingsley, is an enchanting fashion brand that embodies a captivating narrative that transcends convention, giving rise to a fresh expression of nonchalant femininity. Inspired by vintage lingerie, Hollysworld.web incorporates intricate garment details and alluring silhouettes, resulting in designs that exude both rebellion and elegance. Among the brand’s delightful creations are the ?? ???? bow earrings, which perfectly capture the essence of the brand. Whether it’s prancing around in pink ruffles during the morning commute or adorning these whimsical earrings while completing mundane household tasks, the Hollysworld wearer is who we want to be this summer. 

Wales Bonner and Adidas are back at it, this time shifting their focus over to the radiant Caribbean. The SS23 capsule collection introduces the highly anticipated footwear and apparel collab’ inspired by the island’s vast landscapes and rich heritage. Our must-have? The iconic Samba (of course), this time with an elongated tongue and Bonner-twist. The Samba is showcased in two variations: one showcases a neutral colour palette with a nubuck upper and leather stripes, while the other boasts a silver leather upper adorned with crochet stripes. The fusion of style, culture, and craftsmanship in this collection promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts and admirers of Jamaican heritage alike.

The GANNI girl has become a staple on all of our TikTok feeds and Instagram mood boards alike. This summer, however, the brand has joined forces with one of Glamcult’s Amsterdam favourites: Ace & Tate, with a special collection of collaborative shades. These stylish sunglasses, made from Acetate Renew Bio and Recycled Acetate, offer UV400 protection and feature a transparent frame with tone-in-tone lenses. Marked with the iconic GANNI butterfly logo and coming in three styles — Xena, Twiggy and Trixie — get out your hues of matcha green and bubblegum pink if you want to shop our favourite two colourways. Our favourite styles you ask? We can’t pick. Shop here whilst still available.

YUME YUME is a seasonless shopping-list staple for us. An extraordinary brand that showcases its creativity and craftsmanship through its unique footwear designs, YUME YUME never fail to capture our hearts (no matter the weather). This summer is no different! Showcasing familiar silhouettes in new colourways, alongside one notable (and new) style which caught our eye: the FINN SLIDER. Combining elegance with comfort, the sliders come in a truly stunning blue plissè fabric, meticulously handmade in Italy. Enveloping the entire shoe, the organic blue and cream print creates an eye-catching  (and iconic) moment to be appreciated. 

Inspired by Umbro’s extensive archive, the ‘80s (and ’90s) essence of the brand has returned as they announce their unexpected collaboration with Lazy Oaf. Reimagining traditional sportswear silhouettes with a vibrant and colorful twist, this capsule collection features many a must-have piece. From pinafore dresses to multi-panelled corsets and football jerseys, it is the red-yellow gradient toned shirt which is our main love!

Introducing the bikini of the season: Dirt’s Petal Print two-piece featuring a triangle bikini top matching bottoms. Showcasing a unique custom print, fully lined with a recycled polyester/elastane blend, this handmade swimsuit offers a low coverage design reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s eras. Build with conscious, slow fashion principles, Dirt is our latest obsession we expect to be seen everywhere by the end of the summer.

Giorgiandreazza’s design process is akin to a sponge, absorbing and transforming diverse elements into concept-driven garments. By utilizing discarded and industrial materials, they break free from conventional fashion norms, embracing deconstructed shapes described as “dynamical”.  Their innovative approach extends to their bag designs, which combine functionality, sustainability, and unique aesthetics, and are available to shop at Glamcult Store. 

Let’s explore a new take on summer styling with Han Kjøbenhavn’s exquisite Top and Leggings Set, now available at Glamcult Store. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the transparent design exudes a dynamic and breezy aesthetic, ideal for those warm summer days and nights, without the typical, traditional take. Made out of a delicate lace showcasing the HK diamond logo pattern, this two-piece can easily transform between day and night, making this the low-maintenance head turner we are always after.

Last but not least,  the PATTA Spritz Shortsleeve Polo and Shorts coord, is a superior blend of cotton and polyamide that is ideal for those warmer days. Crafted with that PATTA precision, this polo-set is a comfy half zipper in a sleek silver shade, accompanied by geometric jacquard patterns. The shorts, tailored from the same fabric, prioritize functionality with two convenient side pockets and a comfortable elasticated waistband that can be adjusted with drawstrings. Baby blue and boasting the relaxed summer style we are after, we don’t see a better go-to look taking over your closet this season!

Words & Curation by Grace Powell 

In Amsterdam? You can shop a selection of these pieces at Glamcult Store today!