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INCUBUS, a short film exploring internal horror

Director Niké Huiberts delves into the psyche’s irresistible attraction to the grotesque.

Have horror and terror become naturalized concepts? Short film “INCUBUS” takes this question and delves deep into the truth behind the notion of “horrific”. Niké Huiberts, the project’s Creative Director, moves away from externalised horror and pursues an investigation into internal horror and its innate monstrosity and corresponding curiosity within the human psyche.

Driven by (and drawing from) Bulgarian-French philosopher and critic Julia Kristeva’s “Power of Horror: An Essay on Abjection”, “INCUBUS”  concerns itself with the visceral experience of “the state of being cast off”. The project is a powerful, somehow elegant yet unsettling display, as within horror there’s beauty, and within intrigue there’s repulsion. Watching “INCUBUS”  is a process of self-actualisation concerning the human mind and its inherent attraction to unsettling aspects of human nature and its surroundings. Within the “INCUBUS” manifesto, Niké writes: “Repression is always an acknowledgement of want”. This philosophy is radically present in hindsight of watching; the discomfort only urges us to pursue the endeavour, for the beauty behind the art-piece is enthralling.

Written, directed, produced, and edited by: Niké Huiberts

Performance: Lisette Ros

Starring: Anouk Brouwer

Assistant to director: Joy Bomer

Assistant on production and art direction: Gregory Barendregt

Cinematography: Zeeger Verschuren and Juilan Lomaga

1stAD: Alex Heringa

3D animation: Tobias Groot

Music and sound: Marnix Vinkenborg

Styling: Lea Wilbrand

Makeup: Fae van Venetiën and Elvira Hilgevoord

Hair: Martin Wentzel

Bondage: Raymond Huizinga

Narrative: Tibor Csuprik

Colourist: Niké Huiberts and Joy Bomer

Voice over: Daria Lucianova

Photography: Tessa Ruger

Typeface title from CAVAS: Daniel Martins