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AT LARGE with Azim Haidaryan

New York-based, Afghanistan-born photographer, Azim Haidaryan is a storyteller by nature. Building on the centuries-old, transgenerational heroic tales that animated his childhood, the photographer now conjures allegorical worlds of his own. A theatrical approach lies at the heart of the artist’s process, as each image he creates reads like a Shakespearean play—fate-bound and fantastical. Returning to the foundations of visual narration, Azim Haidaryan masters form and abundance of colour in their simplest, yet most powerful, state. Within this, he crafts a mythology of modern times—his photographic tales are subtle and anchored in reality. A mirage of the past and a triumph of the future, his work provides an escape into a magical space where East meets West under his inquisitive eye and limitless imagination.

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