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Over the past decade, the number of Queer spaces and the places once called home has diminished. Finding freedom and fulfilment amongst the masses is not always possible, so when inclusive and collaborative institutions thrive – we thrive alongside them. Crossbreed is doing just that. Describing themselves as a place of “freedom of expression and hedonism”, their parties have become renowned on the London scene. So upon hearing that Crossbreed announced their upcoming weekly Sunday part at London’s Colour Factory, we were enthralled. Starting next month, Residents Kiwi and Anthousai will be accompanied by a curation of guests each week, re-imagining the Hackney Wick venue. The weekly party will not only offer a space for fun and dancing-fuelled freedom but also will create several jobs for the local Queer community. Alongside this, Crossbreed will continue to run the Feel Free scheme, meaning low and no-income members (prioritising trans and POCs) will be able to attend for no cost. In celebration of the announcement, we reached out to El Hogg, the London-based photographer who has been capturing the alluring moments, people and parties, to share with you some of our most treasured sneak-peaks into the Crossbreed universe.



All images by Ell Hogg taken at Crossbreed with Omer and Kiwi

Words by Grace Powell