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A patron saint of France, Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d’Arc) is a symbol of honour and strength. Said to be acting under “divine guidance” in the form of an angel sent to help fight The Hundred Year’s war, Jeanne is known not only for a flurry of accolades and war-time achievements but also for subverting the gender binary of femininity and masculinity. Wearing only men’s clothing and wearing cropped hair during the sieges, Jeanne has come to be known as a historical trans figure of contemporary culture, alongside being equally deemed as a “proto-feminist”, “saviour of France”, and even a “Marxist liberator.” This is all to say. Jeanne’s image is evocative and emotionally tied to hundreds of causes. Engaging with the multiplicity of discourses which surround Jeanne, this visual essay seeks to represent Jeanne as an omnipresent spirit, fusing a landscape in which aesthetics and identity are able to underpin one another in each image.




Photography & Art direction by Jaane

Styling & Art direction by Bianca

Hair and Make-up by Timothy Aarons

Production by Mergube Ergül

Photography assistance by Paveł Kowalczyk

Styling assistance by Elle

Modelled by Rosa Mol, Aimée and Elle

Special thanks, and all armour courtesy of Lode Woltersom





Rosa: Dress Zora

Rosa: Dress Zora, boots stylist’s own

Elle: Trousers stylist’s own

Elle: Trousers stylist’s own

Aimée: Dress Ilse Cats, chainmail stylist’s own

Top Bianca Huisman, jeans stylist’s own

Rosa: Top and shoes Ann Demeulemeester, jeans stylist’s own

Rosa: Dress Zora

Elle: Top Zora, panties stylists own, shoes Bianca Husman

Rosa: Full look stylist’s own