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Men in suits: a powerful, sharp, status-setter which in many ways has remained static in time. Beginning with King Charles II, and rising to popularity in the nineteenth century, the silhouette, style and stature has changed only very little over the centuries. Taking on this epistemology, Amsterdam’s own Senne Roeper investigates ‘the man in the suit’.¬† Questioning: is this the only option? Looking for a new outlet of self-expression within his wardrobe, Roeper has re-invented the classic suit, deconstructing the well-understood archetype and filling the gaping hole. Stimulating men’s fashion and broadening the horizons of ‘the suit’, Glamcult presents Senne Roeper’s latest work, New Suits.




Photography by Rogier Alexander

Styling by Senne Roeper

Modelled by Jaas Roeper, Ties Heetveld, Friso @New Generation Models, Darren @New Generation Models

All clothes by Senne Roeper

Words by Grace Powell 















All clothes by Senne Roeper