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The part-time-project-turned-sensationally-sexy-lingerie-brand.

Ever since they can remember, childhood besties Karla Duckworth and Sarah Scarrabelotti have been driven by the alluring demeanour of fearless women. But when the two Melbourne-rooted creatives set out to translate their inspiration into reality, little did they know that their part-time project CANDY SHOP will swiftly skyrocket into an internationally-recognized brand name for all lingerie lovers and adorners. In just over a year and a half, Karla and Sarah have designed and produced jaw-dropping, sex extravaganza garments that embolden and allure. Rising female musicians, entrepreneur babes, sex workers, or aspiring photographers: femmes of all experiences, shapes and forms have become CANDY girls. And, honestly, we too are wound up in this sweet affair.


Photography: Adam Rajab 

Make-up: Clair Bai 

Talent: Nyajuok, Nyamut and Annalisa