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Wenhai Su is one of the most recent graduates from ArtEZ in the Netherlands. As a Fine Arts student, Wenhai excelled through sharing notions of vulnerability, pursuing his Chinese heritage and spirituality via the medium of fashion.  Journeying to Paris within his fashion voyage, Wenhai found himself interning at Maison Margiela, to later return with a graduate collection to complete. This beautiful line reflects on a fragmented impression of Chinese culture, exploring the multiplicity of identity in a self-constructed environment. When introducing the collection, Wenhai described his presence within Europe as synonymous with a feeling of lost spiritual connection with his homeland, a personability which is clear within the work. The entire collection is made up of second-hand garments and speaks to connectivity within “consciousness, emotions, and memories”.   


Photography and Film by @michael_smits

Styling and Art Direction by @gasanan_sanan

Modelling by @jaapblankespoor

Makeup by @jennekecroubels

Words by @g_piddy