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Marc Jacobs Spring 24 crafts the dolls of our dreams

Making us all feel like kids again

First off, can we just take a moment to say wow? Honestly, Marc Jacobs Spring 24 is a playful reconstruction of flat paper dolls in our not so flat world. Playing with proportions, cuts, shape, Jacobs has successfully made us all feel like kids again. This experimental playfulness is in line with this new era of Marc Jacobs that began back in Spring 2022 –  read our article about it here for your daily fashion lesson ;). It was at this moment where Jacobs threw away the fashion industry’s rules and started to do his own thing once again. Now, as we have entered the 40th Anniversary of the brand Jacobs has reminded us that he is not only one of the greats, but that he’s not going anywhere.

The collection itself  was staged at the Park side Armoury in NYC, a slightly different armoury than his collections are normally held in – but remember, there’s no rules here. The runway was filled with over – like seriously over – sized chairs and tables making the models became miniature in comparison. This was further defined by the dramatic wigs and oversized clothes that awkwardly fit the models, shrinking them inside of it. There was this 2Dish effect that was made by forwarding the seam of the shoulders forward. Basically, Marc Jacobs transformed them into paper dolls.

While extremely playful, there is also a level of serious everydayness imbued in the clothes. With no press release to this collection, we are left with a mere quote from Jacobs to encapsulate the what how why. “My love for the commonplace is a constant and meaningful lifelong affair. Through the unavoidable lens of time, my glass remains full of wonder and reflection. By examining the memorable and the mundane, we abstract and exaggerate with a disorienting sense of familiarity in our desire to express something naïve and elegant.” – Marc Jacobs

Our favourite moments? Glad you asked. The perfectly awkward knit sweaters are a must along with the big big leather bags. Literally every jacket. The oversized shoulder on them and strict harsh lines gives 60s working American woman – but in a dress-up kind of way.

Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtesy of Marc Jacobs