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Must See: Doron Beuns’ debut solo exhibition at projectspace 38/40

In a world of hyper-digitalisation and absurdity, Doron Beuns aims to find beauty in modern chaos. You may recognise his work from his most recently co-curated collective exhibition “Post-Fascism” or maybe even “Bloodsport.” If neither of those rings a bell then babes, it’s time to catch up…

For his debut solo exhibition, the Dutch artist invites viewers to embrace the existence of dichotomies, contradictions, and absurdity. Merging large-scale knitted portraits of his close friends with online search results, memes, and controversial figures, Beuns channels a unique dimension of our digital lives – and oh is it telling. The internet is now a totally unhinged open source that lays claim to one’s most primal desires and dark tendencies. Our senses are entirely engaged as we navigate Beuns’ universe, observing details in every painting while experiencing a full range of smells and sounds carefully crafted by the artist and his various collaborators, including Etienne Cootjans and Cesar Majorana.

THIS WEEK, projectspace 38/40 invites us to delve into this wonderful, hysteric realm where concepts like good and evil, danger and security, and tendency and transgression can all transform into one another. On show till the 10th, those who get it, get it, and we’ll see you there.

Words by Agata Villa
Images courtesy of Semester9